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World leader in marketing education for freelancers and consultants, Kai Davis, is giving away actionable advice for getting more leads and filling your pipeline

Kai Davis

This Man โ€” Kai Davis โ€” Wants You To Get More Leads
Do you dare take his advice?

“Kai, I really appreciate what you bring to what I’d call โ€˜modernโ€™ consulting (between me and you, Iโ€™ve grown a wee bit tired of just reading Alan Weiss)” โ€” Brandon M.

“I get a ton of newsletters these days, but always look forward to Kai Davis’s newsletters (and actually read them)” โ€” Nicholas S., Growth Marketing Toolbox

“Kai, thank you for your emails. They’re useful AND actionable” โ€” Thorhall G.

Holy cow, Kai your email could not have come at a better time!” โ€” Anthony V.

“Kai, this is a great email, yours always are” โ€” Robert C.

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