Get On Podcasts: Lesson 1

Welcome to Get On Podcasts, a short email course designed to help you learn how to get on podcasts as a guest (and why it makes sense to guest on podcasts).

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Over the next few days, I will share the tips and guidance I’ve learned over the years and shared with my friends and colleagues. This course is full of information that will make it easier for you to get on podcasts as a guest (or help you decide that podcast guesting isn’t for you).

To kick this off, let’s answer a top-of-mind question:

“Why guest on podcasts?”

Appearing as a guest on podcasts helps you build your reputation as an expert, get more traffic for your website, start a conversation with leads, and convert listeners to customers, clients, or audience members.

Podcasting gives you considerable marketing and promotional reach

Let’s say you set a goal at the start of the year: present to a specific target market/audience 25 times.

If you dedicated yourself entirely to this goal and marketing yourself to your audience, how many local meet-ups, events, and seminars that reach at least 500 people could you attend and speak at over 12-months?



Maybe 25?

Now, comparatively, how many podcasts with at least 500 listeners that reach your target market could you find and then go on as a guest?

Considerably more. When I recently sat down with business owner Jason Resnick to talk to him about his 2019 Podcast Tour, he shared he went on 78 podcasts in 12 months that reached his target audience — and he took a few months off in the middle when his wife had a baby.

By guesting on podcasts, you could be presenting to a new audience of 500, 5,000, or more people every week. You could teach them something valuable, help them improve their business, and increase their awareness of you.

Guesting on podcasts allows you to build your reputation as an expert, repeatedly expose a new audience to your best content, and present these audiences with the opportunity to become members of your audience.

However, there are a lot of elements that go into appearing on a podcast:

  • Researching your audience, to identify the best types of podcasts to focus on
  • Crafting your unique story to appeal to your audience and demonstrate your expertise
  • Prospecting and Qualification, to identify specific podcasts to appear on — and qualify them as a good match
  • Email Outreach, to build a relationship with the host of the podcast
  • Preparing for the Interview to make sure you have your unique story dialed in for this audience
  • Crafting a Call to Action to provide visitors with a compelling reason to visit your site and become a member of your audience

I cover these topics (and more) in detail in Podcast Outreach, my book on how to get on podcasts as a guest. And you’ll learn answers to each of those questions in this free email course over the coming days.

Homework #1

I’ve got a homework question for you.

There is an essential question you need to answer to get started with your podcast tour.

No, not “What microphone do I need?” or “How do I get onto successful podcasts with well-known people?” (Answers to those questions will come later.)

Here’s the question:

What outcome are you looking for from your podcast tour?

When it comes to guesting on podcasts or doing a podcast tour, you might be looking to:

  • Reach a new/larger audience
  • Make more sales of your books
  • Create warm leads for your business
  • Turn listeners into fans + followers
  • Get your podcast in front of new listeners
  • Grow your brand recognition + awareness
  • Increase awareness about you, your services, or your company

What outcome would make you say “OH MY, this podcast tour idea was a GREAT idea because it…”? Write down the outcome you’re looking for from your podcast tour. (You have permission to dream BIG here.)

Tap reply to this email and type as much (or as little) as you like as your answer.

Try and make your target outcome as SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely) as you can.

If you’d like, you can then send your answer my way.

Alright, that’s it for this letter. Tomorrow, you’ll get another message from me about how you get on podcasts as a guest (Subject line: “[POD #2] How DO you get on podcasts?”).



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