Done-for-You Podcast Tour

Get onto podcasts as a guest, with a done-for-you service.

Before you decide to invest in a Podcast Tour, it’s essential to understand the value that I can bring to your business.

I’ll focus on getting you on podcasts to build your authority so you can focus on running your business.

Now, most of the clients I work with have already built very successful businesses.

It’s just when they’re looking to grow an audience online, build relationships with influencers, or speak on podcasts that they work with me.

Advertising is expensive; podcast guesting is cheap

Getting leads for your business by appearing on podcasts is so much more affordable (and, such a better investment) than spending money on advertising.

  • You could hire a full-time salesperson, but great salespeople can cost you $100,000 or more every year. How many sales would they need to make for you to generate a return on your investment?
  • You could spend your money on Pay-per-Click advertising, but if you stop paying, the traffic stops! And as your competition enters the market, the prices go up, and your margins will shrink.
  • You could do nothing, but every day you wait to start is a day you’re leaving money on the table. If your competitors are already building their brands online and appearing on podcasts, do you want to fall further behind?

Think about your business.

Where is your time most valuable?

When I’m working to help you promote your business, you’re free to focus on the work that will bring in the most income to your business.

But this only works if you can leave the Podcast Tour to someone you can trust.

Which is why my clients love working with me.

I’ll help you build your authority by placing you as a guest expert on podcasts.

Do you want to guest on podcasts?

With my done-for-you Podcast Tour service, monthly, you’ll be booked on popular podcasts in your niche that reach your target market.

Most top-tier Podcast Tour talent is booked several months out — and they rarely take on new clients. I’m making myself available now to work with you because I want to help you make your business the best it can be.

And if your investment in my services isn’t able to generate a return for you, I’ll fire myself. I don’t want you to waste your money on marketing that isn’t working.

Confession time: I’m not just a Podcast Tour Consultant

I’m a business consultant.

That means I don’t just focus on helping you get on more podcasts; I’m interested in helping you grow your business.

I want to understand how a podcast tour fits into your overall marketing and business plan.

Over the years, I’ve built my consulting practice on strategies that help my clients grow their businesses. When you and I work together, you’ll get access to this experience and insight, in addition to my expertise in Podcast Tours and placing guests on podcasts.

“Who is this for?”

A Podcast Tour isn’t for everyone, but you might want to apply if any of this sounds like you:

  • You’re a business owner, and you want to appear on podcasts as a guest
  • You have a revenue-generating business that you’re looking to grow
  • You’re looking to invest in strategies to grow your brand, audience, and authority
  • You’re ready to set goals in the medium-term, not the short-term

“What do people say about this service?”

Nick Disabato and I worked together on a Podcast Tour for his business, Draft. Here is what Nick has to say about our work together:

I was placed on over 50 podcasts, basically exhausting the field of potential podcasts I can reasonably expect to speak on.

Doing so set the groundwork for repeat appearances for future product launches, which is a huge level-up for my business.

You deliver the hell out of results. You very much know what you’re doing. And you know exactly when to reach out with the right questions.

I unhesitantly recommend this service.

— Nick Disabato, Designer and Author

“What’s included?”

The done-for-you Podcast Tour is a high-touch digital outreach service, billed quarterly. Each month, I’ll implement and manage your podcast tour on your behalf.

You’ll get:

Podcast Tour Action Plan

Reviewing your business, brand, and goals, I’ll prepare an Action Plan for your business, highlighting the next steps to follow, who we’re looking to reach, and what we’re going to say. (Think of this as a ‘business plan’ for your podcast tour).

Done-for-You Podcast Tour

Each month, I’ll contact relevant podcast hosts that reach your target market, build relationships on your behalf, and find opportunities for you to appear on their podcasts.

Monthly Report

Each month I’ll send you a report detailing the status of your podcast tour, results, and any relevant metrics.

“I’ve been burned by crap Public Relations consultants before — what makes you different?”

First, I only work with clients who I am certain that I will be able to help achieve a positive return on their investment.

Second, unlike other P.R. consultants, I’m focused on long-term, sustainable strategies for you and your brand.

Third, I’m the author of Podcast Outreach (, the first and best selling book on how to get on podcasts as a guest.

Fourth, this entire service is white-glove. The whole process of getting booked on a podcast as a guest will be handled for you. No messy hand-offs, no need for you to follow-up, and no awkward introductions.

For some of my clients, their experience is as simple as looking at their calendar, seeing the scheduled podcast, and reading the notes to review the topics they’ll be covering in their conversation.

“What will you do, exactly?”

Each month, I’ll research, qualify, and stimulate conversations with podcast hosts in your industry who are relevant to your audience and your business.

I’ll build relationships with them on your behalf and find opportunities to expose their audiences to your business and content through placing you on podcasts as a guest.

I’ll schedule you as a guest on the podcast, confirm the topic with the podcast host, and brief you on the topic you’ll be discussing on the podcast.

You’ll appear on the podcast as a guest expert.

“How much is all this?”

Glad you asked! Done-for-You Podcast Tours are $4,500/quarter ($1,500/month). I’d like to work with you for an initial three-month engagement, to gauge whether we’re a good fit.

Apply Now!

If you’re interested in appearing on podcasts, apply here: Apply To Work Together

I’ll follow up with a few questions about your goals, and we can figure out a time to chat that works best for both of us.

Do you still have any questions? You can reach me at I’ll get back to you in 2-business days.

P.S., If a Done-for-You Podcast Tour isn’t a good fit, you’ll most likely be interested in Podcast Outreach: The Book (, a guide on how to run your very own podcast tour.

P.P.S., Looking for something smaller? With the Podcast Tour Action Plan, I can outline what you can do to get on podcasts. You’ll get direction, strategy, tactics, and a report providing actionable, specific advice on what to do next.

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