Digital Outreach Plan

A ‘do this, not that’ personalized report to help you get on podcasts. You’ll love the actionable deliverables, like a tactical plan to follow, a list of podcasts to contact, and personalized email templates for you to send.

Everything you need to run your very own podcast tour

Are you wondering what to do to get on podcasts as a guest? The Digital Outreach Plan will set you up to directly connect with podcast hosts, pitch yourself as a guest, and gain access to their audience.

You’ll receive actionable deliverables to help you succeed, including:

  • A ‘do this, not that’ plan to follow for your podcast tour
  • Personalized email templates that you can copy, customize, and send
  • A list of podcasts to contact, including all the information you need (e.g., the name of the podcast, the host’s name, the host’s email)

“How does this work?”

With your purchase, you’ll have everything you need to reach your podcasts.

  • We start with a kickoff meeting. We’ll meet to discuss your goals with a podcast tour, the outcomes you’re looking for, and who you’re looking to reach. I’ll answer your questions and ask some of my own.
  • Then, I’ll build a targeted list of 15-20 qualified, relevant podcasts for you to contact, based on the information we discussed in the kickoff meeting and your criteria for a great podcast.
  • After that, I’ll prepare a series of 5-7 email templates for you to use for outreach and follow-up. You can copy + customize + send these templates to the podcasts you’re trying to reach. (This includes a sequence of follow-up emails to use, 2-3xing your chances of getting on a show)
  • Next, I’ll prepare a plan for your podcast tour. This document will give you a plan to follow for your podcast tour, including recommendations on timing, campaign length, topics, and software to use. (You’ll love the specific ‘do this, not that’ advice for your podcast tour.)

“Who are you?”

I’m Kai Davis. I’m a ‘Podcast Whisperer’ and Marketing Consultant in Oregon. I have over a decade of experience hosting and guesting on podcasts. I help my clients reach audiences, build high-value relationships, and grow their authority.

“How do we get started?”

While many consultants at my level charge thousands for a report like this, I run my business lean, with smaller margins, and pass the savings on to you.

Digital Outreach Plans are only $1,300.

I know you may be skeptical about the value this plan could have for your business. Well, here are some comments from past clients:

Kai prepared a Digital Outreach Plan that we’re using to talk to podcast hosts, get on podcasts, and raise awareness of our company. I happily recommend Kai for any business looking to grow through a podcast tour. — Daniel Warner, Chief Evangelist

And here’s another:

I was placed on over 50 podcasts, basically exhausting the field of potential podcasts I can reasonably expect to speak on. You deliver the hell out of results. You very much know what you’re doing. And you know exactly when to reach out with the right questions. I unhesitantly recommend this service. — Nick Disabato, Designer and Author

Act Now!

Digital Outreach Plans are only $1,300.

If you want an actionable, custom-tailored plan that will help you get on podcasts as a guest, build relationships, and grow your authority, you’ve come to the right place.

I’ve helped dozens of people increase their sales through digital outreach and podcast tours — and now I want to help you, too. The Digital Outreach Plan is a detailed, comprehensive plan that will save you time and make you money.

If you’re ready to get started with your Digital Outreach Plan, you can order right now for $1,300. Once you pay, I’ll send you your questionnaire and coordinate a time for us to meet for our kickoff. (Digital Outreach Plans take 4-weeks from kickoff to delivery.)

Questions? You can send me an email directly at I’ll get back to you within 2-business days.

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