Free Outreach Course: Lesson 5

How To Email Anyone And Get A Response

Hello! This is the first of five lessons on mastering the fundamentals of outreach marketing: how to email anyone and get a response.

Excellent, you’ve covered a ton over the last few days.

You’ve learned a lot about the fundamentals for an outreach campaign:

  • Writing emails that people want to reply to
  • Finding the contact information for your prospects
  • The importance of follow-up and building a follow-up sequence

But learning is second to action and implementation, so today’s lesson focuses on you implementing your outreach campaign.

There are 6 next steps for you to take to implement your outreach campaign. Once you complete these 6 steps, you’ll be set, your outreach campaign will have started, and you’ll be in the perfect position to continue your outreach campaign.

Write Your First Outreach Email

What’s the first email you want to send your prospect? What’s the one action you want them to take?

Write a 100 – 300 word email that is direct and to the point and makes a small ask of them relating to the expensive problem that they’re experiencing.

You could do something like:

(If you can’t see the image, click ‘Enable Images’ in your email client)

You can click here to download the text.

Write out the first email you’d send a prospect. Put in placeholders for any personalized information you want to include.

Write Out The Topics For 3 Follow-Up Emails

Next, write out the topics for 3 follow-up emails you can send in this outreach campaign.

For each email, you’ll want to identify three things:

  • What is the resource you’re following-up to share with the prospect?
  • What is the benefit the prospect will receive by having access to the resource?
  • What is your action are you asking the prospect to take after reading the email?

Once you’ve identified each of those for your three follow-up emails, you can use this template to construct the follow-up email.

(If you can’t see the image, click ‘Enable Images’ in your email client)

You can click here to download the text.

Plug in your answers in the template and, boom, there you go.

Add In The Break-Up Email

The break-up email is the final email you send before you declare the lead non-responsive and remove them from your outreach funnel.

The break-up email uses the scarcity principle to remove you as an option and take you away from the prospect. Ideally, they react at the thought of losing the benefit you embody and respond to your call to action.

This is what the break-up email looks like:

(If you can’t see the image, click ‘Enable Images’ in your email client)

You can click here to download the text.

That’s your outreach sequence. Those are your five emails that you’ll send as part of your outreach campaign.

Build Your Prospect List

Next you want to build your initial prospect list.

These should be 10 people that are prospects for your service.

For each prospect. write down their:

  • Name
  • Company Name
  • Website URL
  • Direct Email Address

You can use this outreach tracking spreadsheet to build your prospect list. Make a copy of the spreadsheet (File → Make a Copy).

Make a copy of the spreadsheet (File → Make a Copy).

For each prospect, enter the information into the appropriate field on the spreadsheet.

Set the status of each prospect to “Ready for Outreach.”

Then, when you send the first outreach email to them, set the status to ‘Attempting to Reach’ and enter the date in “Date First Contacted.”

Now you have your outreach tracking spreadsheet all set up to track your prospects.

And you have a list of 10 prospects to email! Woohoo!

Start Your Outreach Campaign

Send each person on your outreach list the first email in your outreach campaign. Do this manually, sending it in your email client and entering any personalization details where appropriate.

Update their status to “Ready for Outreach” in your outreach tracking spreadsheet.

Add a 30-minute appointment to your calendar that’s named “Outreach.” Set it to the date listed in the “Date for Follow-Up 1” column. Set it to repeat every week for 3-weeks.

This is your Outreach Time. This is your time, every week, where you open up your email client and open up your outreach spreadsheet and send a follow-up email to every one in your spreadsheet with a status of “Attempting to Reach.”

If someone responds, set their status to “In Conversation” or another appropriate status, if they’re not interested.

Continue Your Outreach

Every week during your Outreach Time, continue your outreach, sending follow-up emails to every one left for follow-up.

If you’re feeling ambitious, add another 10 people to your Outreach Tracking Spreadsheet and start the outreach process with them.

And now you’ve implemented your first outreach campaigns. There is loads more you can do to upgrade it, like automating your outreach or adding additional emails to your outreach funnel, all things that I talk about in my book Outreach Blueprint, a guide on how to email anyone and get a response.

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