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How to play Remote CoWorking

Remote work is on the upswing because check notes the world is facing a pandemic, and you’ve barricaded yourself inside your home.

Your friend Kai is here with a few recommendations for ‘Remote CoWorking,’ the perfect thing to keep you productive and, most importantly, sane in these trying times.

Remote Coworking is fun, more productive than solo work, allows for feedback/accountability, and helps you have a bit of digital face time with another human.

Some tools help with this (Focus Mate https://www.focusmate.com is a great one), but today’s recommendation is for a more LoFi version of Remote Coworking.

Any video chat tool (e.g., Skype, FaceTime) will work, but I like Zoom.

How to play Remote CoWorking:

  • Pick a friend/colleague/slack-buddy
  • Start a Zoom call
  • Discuss if you want to do 25 or 50-minute work-sprints
  • Track the time with a tool like TimeBar or a timer on your phone

At the start of a session…

  • Agree on your/the other person’s target outcome (e.g., “I’ll finish reviewing this article” or “I’ll get this automation outlined and in place in Drip” or “I’ll write for 25 minutes on this chapter”)
  • Start your timers
  • Mute your mics, but keep your video running (so you feel a bit of accountability since you’re ‘being watched’ by your partner)
  • Get to work!

When the session ends…

  • Turn your mics back on
  • Check-in with and see how it went (“Good” “Meh” “Distracted because…,” etc.)
  • If you would like eyes/feedback on a thing, ask if they’re up for giving feedback. If they are, toss your thing/webpage/article/etc., up on the big board with Screen Share, share what you’re looking for feedback on, and dive in.
  • Take a five or 10-minute break and get some water, stretch, step outside, take a bio break, clean your workspace, etc.
  • Check-in and confirm if you both want to do another sprint
  • If you both do, lock and load, start the timer, and get to work for the next 25/50 minute sprint



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