[Reader Question] YouTube content for Agencies?

I’m in the marketing team of a digital product agency. I’m planning on starting a youtube channel with valuable content for our target audience, which is basically entrepreneurs, PMs, POs, CEOs, etc. We would talk about UX, product management, data analytics, etc. But I’m lost with it… I don’t know how to begin or validate if it’s a good idea. Do you have any experience in youtube content for agencies, and can you give me a hint?

First, you’ll want to niche down the target audience for this content a bunch more. Your topics and target audience are vast to start, which means you’ll be trying to cover a lot of interests for different markets. That’ll make this lift harder.

I say go hyper-niche.

  • Pick one target audience (e.g., your most valuable/most like your best customers)
  • Pick a single topic that aligns with what that audience most cares about.

You can expand the topics + audience down the line. But to get started, make it small and specific so it stands out for that audience.

If picking a target audience is challenging, your leadership team might have insights. In their annual/quarterly planning meeting, did they identify a target persona, profile, or audience from which they want more engagement/revenue/leads? If so, target that audience.

Once you have an idea of the audience you want to reach (e.g., Startup CEOs) and what they’re interested in (e.g., data analytics for decision making for CEOs), dive into content research as you would if you were in that target market.

  • What terms would you/they use to find that content?
  • What content already exists (in articles on Google and video on YouTube)? How can you make better, more expert, more authoritative, more trusted content?
  • What questions are people in your target market asking about that topic? What keywords are involved? (And, what keywords are your competitors ranking for these terms?)

Those steps will give you a solid baseline of

  • Audience
  • Topic(s)
  • Competing content (to do better than)
  • Keywords

Past that, work on creating a content beachhead on YouTube (e.g., 5-10 short videos) and monitor engagement and analytics over time. Then, create more and grow.

How can you best validate the idea? Look for existing content. If no one is already there, it might not be a greenfield marketing opportunity, and might be a salted earth where nothing grows.

Past this, look at:

  • Initial engagement/growth from your initial content
  • Content/topic/keyword space (e.g., do you estimate 3-6 months of content to create? 5+ years?)

For tracking down keywords, I like to use:

  • Keywords Everywhere (which shows keyword volume/competitiveness for target and related terms in the search results as you use Google/YouTube)
  • SEMRush. Their competitive insights add-on (+$200/mo) is well worth it.

Those tools are what I use to get a lay of the land + to identify low keyword opportunities and low-hanging fruit.

Customer/market research interviews could also be helpful here. That would look like an outreach play to your current clients/customers or people in your target market. You’d want to say something like:

“Hey $person, I’m curious what our industry could do to better serve you. Are you up for a 15-minute research call so I can ask you a few questions and learn what we could do better?”

And then ask questions about:

  • What your industry could do better
  • Where your industry is making it harder
  • What information they’re looking for from your industry

By the way, if you want to talk through a thorny marketing question in your business (or how to reach your target market online), grab a 1-on-1 Marketing and Growth Clarity Call. We’ll talk through your situation, I’ll share advice and perspective, and you’ll get specific, actionable advice on what to do next.




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