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by Kai Davis | Last Updated: September 1, 2020
Read This Next

Over in Freelance Camp – my micro-community for indies – we just wrapped up our August book club with… Fix This Next by Mike Michalowicz. (Author of Profit First, The Pumpkin Plan, and Clockwork.)

Fix This Next (FTN) is a great read – funny and informative. What I liked about it, is the book is a tool to help you identify the core needs and vital needs you need to focus on (e.g., sales, lifestyle congruence, prospect attraction; profit, debt attraction, margin health).

I’ve recommended the book to a half-a-dozen people so far and each person who has cracked open a copy has positive things to say.

What I especially love about FTN is that it’s business- and tactics-agnostic. It’s a focusing lens to help you identify the need to focus on, but it doesn’t then tsunami you with one-hundred-and-one different tactics. You get to pick your objective and decide on your own tactics.

Good book. Five stars. You should grab a copy and check out the book’s website.



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