How do you reach out to prospective buyers?

How do you reach out to prospective buyers?

Reader Balint E. writes in with praise and a wonderful question about The Outreach Blueprint (

Hey Kai,

Balint here, we met and briefly chatted (and played werewolf 🙂 ) at the DYFConfEU in Stockholm last year.

I bought and have just read the Outreach Blueprint and I came away smarter, so thank you for that.

Could you point out how your strategy of reaching out to influencers should be amended (if at all) for reaching out to prospective buyers?

Thank you,


Wonderful question, Balint!

In The Outreach Blueprint (, you learn how to email anyone and get a response — but the current version of the book is primarily focused on influencer and marketing outreach, not sales or prospective buyer outreach.

Version 2 of The Outreach Blueprint will include additional material on sales and prospective buyer outreach and everyone who owns a copy of The Outreach Blueprint will get a completely free upgrade to Version 2, including all of the new material (so order your copy today before the price goes up:

In short, it’s a similar application of the methodology, but a slight tactical change in the emails you’re sending.

What I recommend is a set of three outreach tracks:

  • One is referral based outreach to friends, family, colleagues, that asks them if they know anyone in [target market] experiencing [expensive problem] that they could introduce you to.


  • One is prospective buyer direct outreach based, focusing on identifying companies that match your qualified criteria [target market] and having a sequence asking if they’re experiencing [expensive problem] and delivering additional social proof (whitepapers, case studies, testimonials, samples, etc.) to build trust and convert them into prospects



  • One is market research direct outreach: identifying companies that are in your target market (or getting referrals to them) and then setting up a short market research call to learn more about their pains, problems, and issues and then using that  information to refine your service offering and then, if fitting for the conversation, pitch them on your service offering as a solution to the pains and desired outcomes they shared during the call.


In The Outreach Blueprint (, you learn how to email anyone and get a response. And if you order a copy of The Outreach Blueprint now, you’ll receive a free upgrade to Version 2 when it releases later this summer (and the price will be going up during the relaunch).