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What would another 3-6 clients this year mean for your business? For most of us, it would mean the difference between ‘feast’ and ‘famine.’

But most of us are asking for referrals incorrectly. We ask for generic ‘referrals to new clients,’ instead of getting hyper-specific about who we can help, what problems we can help with, and how we can help.

Inside Referral Systems, you’ll learn exactly how to set up your own referral system for your business, how to ask for a referral, and how to high-quality referrals on auto-pilot.

Asking “What should I do to get new clients?”

Then you’ll want to order Referral Systems. The video and audio training (with included scripts and templates) will help you implement a referral system and get new clients.

Referral Systems

One piece of market data that fascinates me is this:

63.4% of freelancers felt over 50% of their business came from referrals — and yet 79.9% admitted they had no system to get more clients through referrals.

(Imagine how much better-off those 79.9% of freelancers would be if they had a system to get 1-2 new per year through referrals).

That statistic comes from business consultant Michael Rozbruch, who polled several thousand small businesses.

When I read that 79.9% of freelancers didn’t have a system to get more clients through referrals, I became fascinated. I started to ask two questions:

  • How do successful freelancers get clients through referrals?
  • What are the factors that successful businesses cite as helping them get more clients through referrals?

What did I discover?

To get more referrals, you need an authentic, systematic, repeatable approach to stimulating conversations with people about referrals, educating people about who a great referral is for you, and collecting leads that are referred to you.

What’s the value of a referral?

Speaking with a colleague who runs a software consultancy, she mentioned an amazing fact about the return she experiences on proposals she sends out. Here’s what she shared:

  • New Clients — For new clients, for every $10,000 in proposals she sends out, she makes $3,000, on average, with 30% of proposals being accepted by the client.
  • Repeat Client Projects — Repeat client projects are better. Because she has an already established relationship with her past clients, for every $10,000 in proposals she sends out, she makes $9,000 on average.
  • Referral Clients — When she started analyzing her business with this in mind, she looked at the clients that came in as a referral. What she found was that these referrals clients were her most valuable segment of clients! For every $10,000 in proposals she sent out to referrals, she made $16,000.

How could that be? It was because the referral clients were coming in already primed by the referral to work with her. The clients referred to her for projects frequently asked for more, more often. And they were happy to pay for it.

These were her ideal clients.

  • They were qualified
  • They had been referred in
  • They were ready to work together

When the first project was complete, they were immediately ready to work together on a second project. Everything else was just in the details.

Wondering how to find your ideal clients? It’s probably with referrals!

When you get a referral, you’re getting someone that has been specifically selected because of their match for you.

You’ve created a referrable moment by educating someone — a colleague, a past client, a friend in the industry — on who your ideal client is, what problems you can solve for them, and what outcomes you can generate for clients — and now they know exactly who to refer to you.

Your ideal clients. Your dream clients.

What if you had 5, 10, 20+ people who were on the lookout for your ideal clients for you? And when they found one, they knew exactly how to refer someone to you?

You’d have an endless stream of your dream clients.

But how do you get a personal hype squad sharing referrals with you?

Won’t it take hours? (It won’t.)

Doesn’t it only work in certain businesses? (It works best for freelancers or consultants who know either what they’re selling β€” like “Rails” or “Design” or “Copywriting β€” and who know who they’re selling to.)

Won’t it result in low-quality leads? (Referrals are the fifth most trust-building lead generation activity, according to Philip Morgan, a marketing consultant for independent consultants, which means referrals result in better leads, faster.)

Do you want to get more referrals?

Then you’ll want to implement a Referral System in your business. Referral Systems are low-effort to implement, but take some time to generate referrals. Get started today and experience the fruit of your labor in a few weeks or months.

I’ve recorded a collection of videos and audio along with resources (email templates, web page templates, phone scripts, sample letters) that will teach you how to put a referral system into place in your business.

In the video and audio recordings, you’ll learn which one of thirteen different referral systems you can implement in your business, starting as soon as today.

In Referral Systems, you’ll learn:

  • 13 different referral systems that you can use — not just the same advice on “talk to your past clients,” but thirteen different systems, including one I learned when it was used on me (to great success!)
  • How to identify if you’re selling a “What” (a service or skill like “Rails” or “Build a WordPress Website” or “Copywriting” or “Photography”) or a “Who” (your ideal client, like “Development Agencies,” “Marketers,” or “Airbnb Hosts”) — and how to integrate what into your referral system
  • How to identify who your ideal client is (so you can tell your referral sources exactly what leads to send to you)
  • Sample scripts you can use in person, on the phone, in writing, or over email to ask for referrals
  • How to use “The Principle of Reciprocation,” as coined by Dr. Robert Cialdini, to generate referrals for your business
  • How to educate clients on why they should send referrals to you and exactly how to send referrals to you
  • What a repeatable system to generate referrals for your business looks like, and the specific steps to follow to implement one in your business
  • How to create ‘Referrable Moments,’ where someone says “Oh, I need to introduce you to…”

Included with your purchase

  • Referral Systems (Video Course) — You’ll receive the 10-lesson video course that will show you how to set up a referral system for your business
  • Bonus #1: Referral Systems Audio Library — You’ll receive access to an audio library of 30 audio lessons in response to questions from freelancers and consultants about setting up a referral system
  • Bonus #2: Referral Systems Quickstart Guide — Jump ahead implementing your Referral System with this Quickstart Guide
  • Bonus #3: List of Referral Systems and Referral Sources — You’ll have a list of referral systems to reference as you identify the best referral systems for your business
  • Bonus #4: Referral Email Signature — You’ll have an email signature that you can copy, customize, and use, to ask for referrals
  • Bonus #5: Referral Email Templates — You’ll have email templates you can use for your referral outreach and referral follow-up

How much does Referral Systems cost?

The referrals course is excellent. It was exactly what I needed to kick-off a referrals system. The contacts’ responses have been positive! — Leonid Mirsky

When you click that link, it will add Referral Systems to your cart and you’ll be able to enter your information and complete your purchase. After that, you’ll receive instructions on accessing your copy of Referral Systems.

And your order is protected by my ‘Smile On Your Face’ guarantee”

I want you to have a smile on your face. You can order this product with the confidence of knowing that you’re protected.

If you watch the videos, read the scripts, and listen to the recordings and decide that this isn’t right for your business, just reply to your receipt and say “Kai, I’d like a refund” and you’ll receive a full refund in just a few days. Because I want you to have a smile on your face.

Questions Asked, Frequently

“Does Referral Systems come with information on how to initiate partnerships with other people who serve the same target market?”

Yes, it does!

There’s a complete video lesson (and multiple audio lessons) on how to initiate partnerships with other people who serve the same market as you.

Who is “Referral Systems” right for?

You’re a part-time (on the side) or full-time freelancer and you’re asking questions like:

  • “What should I do to find new clients?”
  • “How do I find leads? The systems I’m using aren’t working anymore”
  • “Where do I find my ideal clients?”

You’re willing to invest 5-10 hours of your time in identifying, implementing, and setting up a referral system for your business.

Order Referral Systems Now

Have a burning question? Looking for some advice? Think of something that you’d love to see included with this product?

Email me directly at kai@kaidavis.com.



— Kai Davis

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