Raise Your Clients From The Dead!


You have the best intentions when a project ends β€” and then life happens:

  • That client has an emergency
  • The new, big project kicked off
  • That proposal needs to be sent out
  • You headed off for that (long overdue) vacation

Now it’s six months later and you haven’t said anything to the client.

Did they like the project? Would they like to continue to work together?

Who knows.

Not you.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could easily bring those old relationships back to life?

What if you knew exactly what to say in an email to restart a conversation with an old client?

What if you had the exact words you needed to say to breathe life into a dead client relationship?

What if you could send an email and get good, quality, qualified leads?

Presenting Raise Your Clients From The Dead!

In Raise Your Clients From The Dead! you’ll learn exactly what to do and say to bring your old client relationships back to life!

With these email templates, you can easily get in touch with your past clients. You get both the initial email to send and three follow-up templates to ensure that you politely and persistently follow-up.

(And that’s not to mention the bonus ‘treats’ you get with this…)

You’ll Learn…

  • What (exactly) to say to reactivate relationships with your past clients and leads!
  • How to follow-up politely and persistently with your past clients
  • The exact process you can use to track your client follow-up β€” without spending a single cent on a tool (this is the exact method I’ve used to track my outreach

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What do people have to say about this product?

“I was nervous to follow up with past clients because I feared that I would come off as desperate for more work”

I really should have followed up with this client after we launched his website earlier this year. He had said to come up with some ideas to continue working with him, but I felt desperate suggesting other ways for us to work together.

I sent him the first email from your guide checking in on his business and letting him know how much I enjoyed the project.

He wrote me back the next day with multiple positions he is looking to fill and awesome results from our work together that I am now using on my website. Both his sales and conversion rate increased after we launched the new sites.

I’m going to now review all his analytics, emails, etc and form an ongoing retainer for us to continue working together.

I think what I needed most out of your guide was permission to follow up and how to put it in words.

Thank you for creating awesome content like this for us!

β€” Tom Siodlak, Shopify Design Studio


I recommended your RAISE CLIENTS FROM THE DEAD book of necromancy to a coaching student.

The same day he bought it, he got a client from 2 years ago to reply and dump three maintenance projects in his lap worth high four figures.

β€” Kurt Elster, Ecommerce Consultant, Ethercycle

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Because above everything else, I want you to be happy and have a smile on your face.

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Order Raise Your Clients From The Dead for $25

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β€” Kai Davis

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