Get on podcasts as a guest with this simple, repeatable process

Podcast Outreach covers just the things you need to know to get on podcasts, with simple terminology, concise format, and vital information on how to get on podcasts as a guest.

Want to become known as an authority and expert, build up a library of speaking experience, and reach your audience by doing a podcast tour?

It’s possible.

All it takes is investing a few hours in setting up your very own Podcast Tour.

The question is how do you help more people become aware that you exist?

How do you take them from saying

I’ve never heard of this person

to saying

Who is this person I keep hearing about? I’ve got to learn more!

When it comes to reaching your audience, maybe you’ve thought about it all and tried some:

Perhaps these are systems that used to work for your business, but just aren’t bringing in the people, customers, or sales that you need.

Or maybe you’re wondering what you should use to reach more people like your ‘dream buyers’ and help make them aware of you, your business, and how you can help them.

What if there was an easy way to get in the ears of potential customers?

You can, by appearing on podcasts as a guest.

When you guest on a podcast, you’re able to tell the listeners about your business, product, or service.

You can ask your ‘dream buyers’ listening to the episode to raise their hands and tell you that they’re interested in learning more about how you can help them.

And then, you’ll have new visitors, new prospects, new leads for your business.

All from following the Podcast Outreach system the helps you identify podcasts, contact the hosts, pitch yourself as a guest, and appear on the podcast.

We literally haven’t gotten a “no thanks” yet β€” we’ve gotten a few no replies that we’re still following up with, but literally not a single “you’re not qualified”. β€” Kennedy Collins, Founder, Ohmcoach

What if you had a repeatable, step-by-step system that you could use to get on podcasts?

There are hundreds of articles out there that promise to show you how to reach your audience, but most of them promise results… and follow the same formula:

  1. Post articles to your blog
  2. Share your articles on social media
  3. Traffic!

From experience, you know it isn’t that simple.

There’s more to getting high-quality traffic, visitors, and leads than blogging and sharing articles on social media.

Technorati Media, in their Digital Influencer Report, said this:

With regard to overall sources for information on the internet, blogs and influencers rank among the top five ‘most trustworthy’ sources. β€” Technorati Media, Digital Influencer Report

By leveraging podcast hosts β€” a type of influencer who have built up a pre-existing audience β€” to reach an audience of your dream listeners, you’ll be able to get outsized results.

Let me ask you this:

After I sent my first email I was booked to record on a large podcast with over 100 episodes that reached an audience of my dream buyers! β€” Mojca MarΕ‘, Consultant, Super Spicy Media

Presenting, Podcast Outreach

The best way to reach your dream buyers is by appearing on podcasts they listen to.

Podcast Outreach will help you totally transform your approach to appearing on podcasts as a guest.

In my work helping business owners β€” consultants, product creators, and software companies β€” reach their target audience, I developed a repeatable, scalable, step-by-step system to help you get on podcasts.

The beauty of this system is that it is industry agnostic. It doesn’t matter what industry or audience you’re focused on reaching, you can use the Podcast Outreach system to attract high-quality, relevant, ready to buy visitors to your business.

With Podcast Outreach, you’re investing in a repeatable, step-by-step system that you can use to get on podcasts.

When you read Podcast Outreach, you’ll learn an in-depth system and strategy that you can use to generate high-quality leads for your business.

Traffic that comes as a ‘warm referral’ from podcasts that are trusted sources of information.

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What’s Included With Podcast Outreach?

Podcast Outreach: The Book

This book will help you navigate the full podcast outreach process. Using case studies and specific step-by-step instructions, you’ll learn a specific, repeatable method for attracting traffic.

11 Chapters and 200+ pages of actionable, step-by-step information on how to proactively outreach to podcast hosts to reach your dream buyers.

Email Template Library

32 best practice email templates to use to reach podcast hosts, get referrals to other podcasts, and follow up effectively.

With these email templates, you’ll be able to get started immediately, building relationships with influencers in your industry and promoting your expertise.

Expert Video Interviews

These 12 video expert interviews will teach you how to implement the right strategies to get on podcasts.

Podcast Tours

Getting Replies To Your Podcast Outreach Emails

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Get the complete package of Podcast Outreach with the book, templates, and videos for $99

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