Learn how you can close more deals with a CRM βž• Activity-Based Selling

Pipeline Essentials covers the essentials about getting started with Pipedrive (a popular Sales CRM) and starting to use Activity-Based Selling to manage your leads.

Pipeline Essentials is a ~90-minute, 10-lesson video course that gives you an ‘over the shoulder’ look, with guidance from Kai Davis, on how to set up and use your new Pipedrive CRM account.

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Are you struggling to start using a CRM (Customer Relationships Management software) in your business? Are you searching for a recommendation on how to manage your sales pipeline and what tools to use?

Do you just want to take care of this sales thing you feel you should be doing?

You’re in luck, friend. You’ve found Pipeline Essentials.

Inside, you’ll learn:

  • How to get started with Pipedrive, your new sales CRM
  • How to set up and start using Pipedrive
  • How to create and manage your sales pipeline in Pipedrive
  • What “Activity-Based Selling” is (and how to use it to set your sales targets)

Who is Pipeline Essentials for?

Pipeline Essentials is perfect for freelancers (or indie consultants) who are looking for a simple, affordable CRM that will help them take control of their sales process.

Pipeline Essentials’ video lessons will show you how to set up and get started with Pipedrive, the Sales CRM I use and recommend. These lessons are made with freelancers and independent (solo) businesses in mind, like a freelance software developer or indie consultant consulting on marketing.

The lessons in Pipeline Essentials are from the perspective of a freelancer handling sales for their own business.

The video lessons (with included transcripts) will help you get started using Pipedrive and start using Activity-Based Selling in your business.

Pipeline Essentials is not recommended for companies with large, more-than-ten-person sales teams.

What will you learn in Pipeline Essentials?

  • What “Activity-Based Selling” is and how you can use it to know exactly what to do to reach your sales goals
  • How to manage your sales process and know where every deal is in your pipeline at any time
  • How to set up your personal sales pipeline in Pipedrive and configure your account
  • What a deal looks like in Pipedrive — and the essentials you need to know about your pipeline, contacts, activities, and organizations
  • How to process your inbox in Pipedrive and the principle of ‘don’t touch it more than once’
  • Your next steps to get started with Pipedrive

“I’d love to see a sample of what’s included”

Enjoy this sample 7-minute video on Activity-Based Selling.

Pipeline Essentials is available today!

What’s Included in Pipeline Essentials?

Pipeline Essentials is an easy-to-follow, ‘over the shoulder,’ step-by-step 10+ part video training program, coming in at under 90-minutes, teaching you how to set up a pipeline for your business and get started with Activity-Based Selling with PipeDrive.

Enjoy Reading The Included Video Transcripts

You’ll have transcripts of every video to read as you watch or review:

  • Lesson 1: Pipeline Essentials Outcomes
  • Lesson 2: Signing up for and configuring Pipedrive
  • Lesson 3: Setting up your Sales CRM
  • Lesson 4: The anatomy of a deal
  • Lesson 5: Processing your Pipedrive inbox from ’emails’ into ‘deals’ and ‘activities’
  • Lesson 6: How to manage your pipeline
  • Lesson 7: Acting on Activities
  • Lesson 8: Your next steps
  • Lesson 9: Doing CRM right

Bonus #1: PipeDrive Sales CRM Extended 30-day Trial ($29 Value!):

You’ll receive an extended 30-day trial to the sales CRM that I personally use and recommend: PipeDrive. Enjoy 30-days to set up and start managing your sales pipeline, as a gift from me to you.

Bonus #2: Video Recording: “A Freelancer’s Guide to Outreach”

Want to fill your Sales Pipeline? You’ll want to consider an outreach campaign, either to your existing clients, past leads (and past clients), or new prospects. In this recorded video webinar (Plus Q&A), you’ll learn you, dear freelancer or consultant, can use Outreach Marketing best practices to fill their pipeline with conversations with clients.

Bonus #3: Video Presentation: “Building Better Outreach Lists”

How do you get in touch with more people through Outreach? By building better outreach lists.

Covering prospecting and outreach list building, this presentation and Q&A session will give you actionable information on building your prospect list so you can fill your pipeline with warm leads and hot conversations.

Bonus #4: Expert Interview: “Steli Efti Expert Interview on ‘The Importance of Follow Up”

In this 30-minute video interview, Steli Efti (founder of Close.io and author of The Follow-up Formula) and I discuss effective follow-up systems and strategies and how to persistently and politely follow up with a prospect.

Pipedrive is world class at giving you tools to remind you to follow-up with your prospects (that’s the foundation of ‘Activity-Based Selling’). In this Expert Video Interview, you’ll learn from Steli on how to do follow-up the right way.

What do customers have to say about Pipeline Essentials?

Here are kind words from actual customers based on their experience with Pipeline Essentials.

“As a software developer running an agency, Sales is so important but the process of selling is intimidating. The insights and methodology you provide around activity based selling have helped me get over the what-if-they-say-no anxiety.”

— Evan DeLaney, Founder, Fishhook.com

“What makes you qualified to tell me about how to use a CRM in my business?”

I created Pipeline Essentials to teach you, dear reader, how to get started using a Sales CRM. Using a CRM will make you more money. Using a CRM isn’t sexy. This will teach you how to get started using a CRM.

All of the lessons in this book come from my first-hand, real-world experience using Pipedrive for myself and answering questions about it for my colleagues, friends, and clients.

“Is using a CRM effective? Does it work 100% of the time?”

You get out what you put in.

Using a CRM is a great way to have better insight into:

  • Your deal flow
  • Your lead flow
  • Holes in your sales pipeline
  • Your most profitable clients
  • Your expected monthly revenue
  • Your bottom 10% of clients, the ones you should have fires already
  • Any upcoming ‘famine’ months (allowing you to plan ahead and market yourself)

Using a CRM will help your business close more deals, build stronger relationships, and make more money.

“Who is this not right for?”

This is not right for you if:

  • You have a large sales team (10+ people)
  • You’ve never sold your services before as a freelancer
  • You’re looking for a ‘done for you’ option for setting up/training you on using a CRM
  • You aren’t willing to put the time, effort, attention, and energy into doing this well yourself

Order Pipeline Essentials Today

Pipeline Essentials is available today!

My “Smile On Your Face” Refund Guarantee

I want you to have a smile on your face. If you are less than 100% satisfied with your purchase, just email me and say so. Once I hear from you, I will immediately click “Refund” and return 100% of your money to you, no questions asked.

You’re looking for a ‘done for you’ option for setting up/training you on using a CRM

Have a burning question? Looking for some advice? Think of something that you’d love to see included with this product?

Email me directly at kai@kaidavis.com.



β€” Kai Davis

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