Seven Repeatable
Lead Generation Systems

I’ve been asked by many readers on my email list to help teach them what they should focus on to get more leads.

If you’re searching for more leads, dear reader, Get More Leads is a short, actionable book that will help you implement the marketing systems you need to attract and close more leads (and make you more money!).

In Get More Leads, you’ll learn seven new systems in seven different lessons. You’ll learn skills you can use again and again for life.

You’ll get specific, ‘Do This, Not That’ direction on what to do to get more leads.

Inside Get More Leads, you’ll learn about seven of my favorite lead generation systems to follow:

  1. Community Stewardship. How to tap into existing communities to generate conversations, opportunities, and referrals.
  2. Advanced Leadomancy. The specific steps to take to turn your past clients or leads into future opportunities.
  3. Portfolio Reconnaissance. An unexpected place to look to surface leads, prospects, and opportunities with clients in your niche.
  4. Content Beachheads. You’ll explore how to build a ‘content beachhead’ — short, focused articles on specific problems (or answering specific questions) that your ideal clients in your market are facing. You’ll learn how to find questions, common patterns to use for your articles, and the best processes to share the articles in your content beachhead.
  5. The A.L.O.Q. System. What to say to follow-up with your past clients and offer them a complimentary ‘Quarterly Strategy Meeting’ to learn how you can help.
  6. Business Coffee Dates. How to tap into your network to learn what needs people have and how you can help. (You’ll love the suggested questions to build a relationship and surface opportunities.)
  7. ’Reverse Lead Generation’. Past behavior is the best predictor of future behavior. So where should you look to find people who will need your help tomorrow? You’ll learn how to flip lead generation on its head and tap into people who need your help.

What To Expect

Inside Get More Leads, you’ll explore each of the above lead generation systems and get direction on what you need to do and questions you need to answer.

Get More Leads is available for order today.

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