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The 2022 BYOB Thanksgiving Sale

(save 20%+ on eleven of my products)

As a special thank you to my readers, subscribers, and clients, you can buy all of my books, products, and courses at a 20% discount this Thanksgiving. No coupons necessary! Prices have been updated to reflect this discount.

This Build Your Own Bundle Thanksgiving Sale runs Wed Nov 23rd until Mon Nov, 28th at 11:59 PM.

You can snag πŸš€Β Kai’s Epic Bundle, get all eleven products, and save more money. Get all eleven products for $996 $747 (and save 25%): https://kaidavis.gumroad.com/l/epic-bundle.

Most popular + customer favorites

  • πŸ’Ž Quick Start RoadmappingΒ β€” Writing proposals for free doesn’t pay the bills. Start selling paid strategic discovery projects instead. ($150 $120)
  • πŸ”₯ Email Template Library β€” 23 email templates (for ‘awkward’ situations) from my personal library. You can copy, paste, and send any of these immediately. ($95 $75)
  • 🌟 Laminated Official Consultant Card (Limited Edition) β€” This laminated card confirms that you’re a genuine card-carrying consultant. Charge more. ($20 $16)

Level up your skills at email outreach

  • The Outreach BlueprintΒ β€” Learn how to email anyone in your target market and get a reply. (Including my library of 47 ‘Kai-approved’ email templates.) ($150 $120)
  • Podcast OutreachΒ β€” Learn how to run your own podcast tour, get placed on high-quality podcasts, and build your audience. ($150 $120)
  • Outreach Mastery β€” Level up your outreach, learn the ins-and-outs of prospecting, and follow over my shoulder as I set up a 95%-automated outreach campaign. ($200 $160)

Generate leads on autopilot

  • Referral SystemsΒ β€” Learn how to actually get referrals by 1) being intentional about who you’re looking for 2) asking your network for referrals. ($99 $80)
  • Raise Clients From The Dead!Β β€”Bring old client relationships back to life in the form of new projects and referrals. ($50 $40)
  • Get More Leads β€” Learn seven repeatable systems for generating leads in your business. ($40 $30)
  • Initial Call Script β€” Use this script to interview your leads on a call and learn about their needs, understand their problem, and qualify them as a good fit to work with you. ($30 $24)

Notion templates

  • The BattleBoard Templates β€” My getting things done inspired productivity actions/task templates in Notion. (@NotionHQ called these templates “The ultimate productivity system.”) ($12 $9)