The Collected Works

Congratulations. By thinking like the world’s greatest, you have unlocked a wealth of incredible opportunities1

Come inside and see a collection of resources, videos, and training materials only available with… The Collected Works

What’s the best thing you got?

The Collected Works, includes all of my current books, video training programs, audio recordings, video recordings, and bonuses, valued at over $1,000, and includes every product (not membership) I release in 2018.
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The Collected Works

For the discerning buyer

Including in The Collected Works are the following. When you order, you’ll also receive an exclusive collection of bonuses created (and included) to help you get more clients without spending more on your marketing.

  • Magic Things From The Future! With The Collected Works, you’ll get access to every product and video training program I release in 2018Β (memberships are excluded).
  • The Outreach Blueprint (Complete Edition): This book will teach you the framework of an effective outreach campaign, while also giving you the exact words to say with the 47-template library of emails, campaigns, and scripts to copy, customize, and use in your outreach campaigns.
  • Podcast Outreach (Complete Edition): This book will teach you how to get in front of your target market by appearing as a ‘Guest Expert’ on the podcasts that your ‘dream buyers’ listen to. After reading Podcast Outreach, you’ll have everything you need to launch your own ‘podcast tour’ to promote your business, your expertise, or your latest product or service.
  • Outreach Mastery: This video training program will show you how I set up and run an outreach campaign from the tools to the systems.
  • The Independent Consulting Manual (Complete Edition): This book is a collection of wisdom from experienced, expert consultants on how to grow to (and beyond) a 6-figure business as an independent consultant. Learn from the collected wisdom of the 13 contributing authors and 25 essays on how to start, run, and grow a business an an independent consultant.
  • Quick Start Roadmapping Projects: This book will teach you how to sell, perform, and deliver paid discovery projects (“Roadmapping Projects”) to your clients.
  • Get More Clients: Referral Systems (Complete Video Training Package): Would you like to understand how to build referral systems for your business and have your friends, colleagues, industry associates, and even competitors deliver high-quality prospects and leads to you? You’ll learn how in this complete video training package.
  • Get More Clients: Client Applications (Complete Video Training Package): Would you like to screen bad-fit prospects out… without even needing to get on the phone with them? In this video training package, you’ll learn how to set up your own Client Application system.
  • Get More Clients: Get PaidΒ (Complete Video Training Package): Would you like to accept one-time and recurring payments online? Learn how in this video training program.
  • Freelancing Video Interview Library: Are you curious about how to best grow your freelancing business — and would you like to learn from the best in the industry? Frequently, for your education, I sit down with one of my colleagues in the freelancing or consulting world for a video interview about how to grow a consulting business and get more clients. You gain access to this library and catalogue of interviews, currently including over 17 hours of video interviews and recordings.
  • Freelancing Audio Interview Library: Are you wondering what specific actions you should take to grow your business? In this audio interview library, you’ll be able to ‘listen in’ on my candid conversations with freelancers and independent consultants on how they filled their pipeline with clients and the specific next actions you should take to do the same.
  • Premium Resource Library: Would you like unrestricted access to the Premium Resource Library, full of bonuses, checklists, worksheets, booklets, and guides to help you start, run, and grow a profitable freelancing or consulting business? You’ll get access to every premium resource I’ve released over the years.
  • Community Access: You’ll receive an invitation to my private communities for freelancers and independent consultants.

All together, valued at over $1,000, you can purchase The Collected Works for just $850.

(Already have one of the resources included within? Wonderful! Once you order, just let me know which you already have, and you’ll receive instructions on how to gift your extra copy to a friend)

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