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Get on Podcasts as a guest with this simple, repeatable process

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Podcast Outreach covers just the things you need to know, with simple terminology, concise format, and vital information on how to get on podcasts as a guest.

Want to reach your dream buyers, get more leads, become known as an authority and expert, and build up a library of speaking experience?

It’s possible.

All it takes is investing a few hours in setting up your own Podcast Tour.

You’ve got a great business.

The question is how do you get more people aware that you exist?

How do you take them from saying

“I’ve never heard of this company”

to saying

“Who is this company I keep hearing about?”

Maybe you’ve thought about it all — and tried some:

  • Content Marketing, to reach your dream buyers through blog posts and articles
  • Social Media Marketing, to reach your dream buyers on Twitter or through Facebook Posts
  • Pay-per-Click Advertising, to reach your dream buyers through Google and Facebook Advertising
  • Search Engine Optimization, to reach your dream buyers as they’re going on a search journey in Google

Perhaps these are systems that used to work for your business and just aren’t bringing in the customers or sales that you need.

Or maybe you’re wondering what you should use to reach more people like your “dream buyers” and help make them aware of you, your business, and how you can help them.

What if there was an easy way to get in the ears of potential customers?

You can, by appearing on podcasts.

When you guest on a podcast, you could tell the listeners about your business, product, or service

You could ask your ‘dream buyers’ in the audience to raise their hands and tell you that they’re interested in learning more about how you can help them.

And then, you have new visitors, new prospects, new leads for your business.

All from following the ‘Podcast Outreach’ system to identify podcasts, contact the host, pitch yourself as a guest, and appearing on the podcast.

We literally haven’t gotten a “no thanks” yet — we’ve gotten a few no replies that we’re still following up with, but literally not a single “you’re not qualified”.

— Kennedy Collins, Founder, Ohmcoach

What if you had a repeatable, step-by-step system that you could use starting today to reach your dream buyers?

There are hundreds of articles out there that promise to show you how to reach your audience, but most of them promise results… and follow the same formula:

  1. Post articles to your blog
  2. Share your articles on social media
  3. Traffic!

From experience, you know it isn’t that simple.

There’s more to generating high-quality, ready to buy traffic that blogging and sharing articles on social media.

Technorati Media, in their Digital Influencer Report, said this:

With regard to overall sources for information on the internet, blogs and influencers rank among the top five ‘most trustworthy’ sources.

Technorati Media, Digital Influencer Report

By leveraging influencers — people who have built up a pre-existing audience — to reach your best buyers, you’ll be able to get outsized results.

Let me ask you this:

  • What if you — weekly — were speaking to an audience of 50, 500, or 5,000 ‘dream buyers’ for your business?
  • What if when a visitor showed up at your website, they were already a warm referral from a trusted authority in your industry?
  • What if every visitor who showed up at your website know who you were and understood exactly how you could help them?

After I sent my first email I was booked to record on a large podcast with over 100 episodes that reached an audience of my dream buyers!

— Mojca Marš, Consultant, Super Spicy Media

Stand out from your competitors by appearing on podcasts as a guest expert

As far as you can tell, your colleagues are competitors are doing the same things you’ve thought about trying. But everyone is doing something different. Your list of tactics and strategies is multiple pages — and you’re not sure what to try next:

  • Social Media is a great way to reach your audience, but it requires consistent attention to do right.
  • Search Engine Optimization is tough, but it can pay off… if you’re willing to dedicate the time. You’ll need to invest dozens or hundreds of hours creating content and earning links to start seeing traffic from an investment in Search Engine Optimization.
  • Pay-Per-Click Advertising is a fantastic way to generate traffic… if you get the system dialed in. But if you aren’t targeting the right keywords and monitoring the system, you’ll be overpaying for the traffic you do get.
  • Facebook and Twitter Ads are great if you have a strong funnel set up to capture that traffic. But if you don’t have a funnel, then you run the risk of not seeing a return on your investment. And when’s the last time you bought something from a Facebook ad?
  • Word of Mouth (your customers telling their friends about you) is the dream. But it takes a lot of work and time to transform customers into brand ambassadors.

You want to reach an audience of your dream buyers today. Either the strategies and tactics you’ve used before just aren’t working anymore and you’re at a loss for what to do — or you’re searching for a new, clear, simple system to follow that will allow you to generate more traffic, more awareness, and more prospects for your business.

Presenting, Podcast Outreach

I never knew which strategy to follow to reach my audience, talk to my customers, or get more traffic, so instead of focusing on one thing, I split my attention between 2 or 5 different strategies at once.

I hoped that whatever I lost in focus, I’d make up for in diversity.

What you quickly learn is that without a focused, repeatable system to reach your dream buyers, you get stuck. And never move forward.

When you split your attention between multiple systems and strategies, you spend so much time trying everything that you accomplish nothing.

No matter how much time you spend, if you aren’t focusing on a repeatable, scalable system, you won’t reach your audience.

When you start looking at the problem of how to reach your dream buyers, you see that there are four key elements that your system needs to address:

  • It needs to be systematic and repeatable: getting lucky once isn’t enough. Any system you use to reach your dream buyers has to be systematic and repeatable
  • It needs to be scalable: what works to reach your dream buyers now has to work when you’ve grown 2x, 5x, or 10x from your current size
  • It needs to be a step-by-step system: you need to understand the ‘why’, the ‘what’, and the ‘how’ of the system — not just the end goal
  • You need to attract high-quality, relevant visitors: what good are 10,000 visitors if not one is a dream buyer? What you want is qualified, interested, engaged visitors. Visitors who know who you are, how you can help them, and are excited to learn more.

In my work helping business owners — consultants, product creators, and Software as a Service companies — reach their target audience, I developed a repeatable, scalable, step-by-step system to help businesses reach their dream buyers.

The beauty of this system is that it is industry agnostic. It doesn’t matter what industry or audience you’re focused on reaching, you can use the Podcast Outreach system to attract high-quality, relevant, ready to buy visitors to your business.

You need a clear, step-by-step system that you can follow to get more traffic — more qualified visitors — to your site. And that’s what Podcast Outreach will teach you.

Included: Everything you need to get on podcasts

I’ve spent thousands of dollars on technology and learning and read thousands of websites, courses, and books, and sifted through some excellent advice and a lot of junk to figure out how you can easily get yourself onto the most relevant podcasts in your industry.

If you go at it alone, you may spend dozens of hours doing it wrong — and seeing no results.

How much would it be worth to you to save yourself those hours of sweat and tears?

The best way to reach your dream buyers is by appearing on podcasts they listen to.

With Podcast Outreach, you’re investing in a repeatable, step-by-step system that you can use to get on podcasts.

When you read Podcast Outreach, you’ll learn an in-depth system and strategy that you can use to generate high-quality leads for your business.

Traffic that comes as a ‘warm referral’ from podcasts that are trusted sources of information.

Podcast Outreach will help you totally transform your approach to appearing on podcasts as a guest and using podcasts to get leads for your business — and if after trying the system you’re dissatisfied, I’ll refund you in full for your purchase.

Answers to your most pressing “Podcast Tour” questions

I’ve written Podcast Outreach to answer the question I most often get from freelancers, consultants, and product owners who are looking to reach more leads and get on podcasts:

  • What’s a podcast tour and why does it make sense for you?
  • How do you go about coordinating your own podcast tour?
  • How do you know what topics to pitch to a host for their audience?
  • How do you stand out from your competition?
  • How do you prepare for an interview?
  • How do you make sure that you know the most important points to mention?
  • How do you turn listeners into leads?
  • How do you follow-up with Podcast Hosts effectively and politely?

Answers to every one of these questions — and more — are included in Podcast Outreach.

This is your manual to Get On Podcasts.

What will you learn in Podcast Outreach?

Answers to questions like:

  • Everyone talks about starting or hosting a podcast. What’s a podcast tour, why is it different, and why / when does it make sense?
  • Who is Podcast Outreach for? How do you know if Podcast Outreach or a Podcast Tour is right for you?
  • How do you go about coordinating a podcast tour?
  • How do you know what topics to pitch to a host or for an audience?
  • How do you stand out in a sea of terrible outreach emails?
  • How do you prepare for an interview, making sure that you’re touching on the most important points?
  • How do you convert listeners into visitors into subscribers, members of your audience, or customers?
  • How do you get referrals to other podcasts?

All that, and more, covered inside “Podcast Outreach.”

Chapter 1: Podcast Outreach

  • Reach your dream buyers…
  • The Little Red Ped…
  • That’s All Fine And Good, But How Do You Do This
  • What’s Your Goal?

Chapter 2: Let’s Talk About The Fear

  • “Why would they want me?”
  • “What should I talk about?”
  • “How well known do I already have to be?”

Chapter 3: Picking The Audience

  • Identifying Your Audience
  • Refining Your Audience Focus
  • Strategies To Pick Your Audience

Chapter 4: Telling Your Unique Story

  • Crafting Your Unique Story
  • Why, How, What

Chapter 5: Writing Your Pitches

  • The Fine Art of Writing Pitches
  • Practice Exercises

Chapter 6: Preparing A Catcher’s Mitt

  • Your Podcast Call-to-Action
  • Your ‘Lead Magnet’ or ‘Carrot’
  • Your Landing Page
  • What Action Are People Taking?

Chapter 7: Prospecting & Qualifying Podcasts

  • What’s an ‘appropriately sized’ podcast?
  • How should you prospect and qualify podcasts?
  • How do you identify a potential podcast to appear on?
  • How do you qualify a podcast?
  • How do you identify who to email?

Chapter 8: Sending Your Podcast Outreach Emails

  • Understand the “busy person’s perspective”
  • The elements of an effective email
  • Short emails get read
  • Calls-to-Action: What’s their next step?
  • How do you combine these elements?

Chapter 9: The Art of Following-Up

  • Why follow-up?
  • How do you effectively follow-up?
  • How often do you follow-up?
  • How do you build an ‘outreach funnel’?
  • What tools can you use to manage this process?

Chapter 10: Preparing as a Guest

  • Preparing your audio for your interview
  • Previewing yourself for your interview

Chapter 11: Appearing as a Guest

  • Before The Interview
  • During The Interview
  • After The Interview

What’s Included With Podcast Outreach?

Podcast Outreach: The Book

This book will help you navigate the full podcast outreach process. Using case studies and specific step-by-step instructions, you’ll learn a specific, repeatable method for attracting traffic.

11 Chapters and 200+ pages of actionable, step-by-step information on how to proactively outreach to podcast hosts to reach your dream buyers.

Expert Interviews

These 12 expert interviews will teach you how to implement these strategies to get on podcasts, reach your best buyers, and increase your traffic and sales!

  • Jake Jorgovan – Outreach Strategies
  • Joanna Wiebe – Audience Research, Copywriting, Landing Pages, and Jobs To Be Done
  • Kurt Elster – Podcasting as a Consultant & Getting Over The Fear
  • Liston Witherall – Writing Effective Emails, Calls To Action, and Landing Pages
  • Matt Inglot – Preparing as a Guest
  • Mojca Marš – Podcasting as a Consultant
  • Nick Disabato — The Podcasting Experience
  • Philip Morgan – Equipment, Technique, and Mindset
  • Philip Morgan – The Important of Positioning
  • Rob Walling – Podcast Tours
  • Robert Williams – Writing an Effective Email
  • Steli Efti – Effective Follow Up

Email Template Library

32 best practice email templates to use to reach podcast hosts, get referrals, and follow up.

With these email templates, you’ll be able to get started immediately, building relationships with influencers in your industry and promoting your expertise.

Order Podcast Outreach for $99

The subscribers I get from podcasting are by FAR the most engaged subscribers I have.

Like, 90% open rates and 70% click rates. They respond to questions and are very encouraging.

I need more. 🙂

Ryan Waggoner, Founder of LetsMakeApps.io.

Read a sample chapter of Podcast Outreach

Curious about what Podcast Outreach is like? Read a sample chapter! Fill out the form below, click the button, and you’ll receive a sample chapter of Podcast Outreach to read before you buy.

“Purchasing the book and talking with Kai saved me many hours of research, trial and error, self-doubt, and heartache, and would have been a bargain at twice the price!”

I was concerned that it was too early in the process of launching and promoting a product to start doing outreach/podcast interviews. I felt like a bit of an ‘imposter’ trying to promote and build an audience before I had a product ready to go — and I worried that podcasters wouldn’t want to talk to me.

Turns out that

  • If you’re able to speak and write cogently about your topic and help people, people are always willing to talk to you.
  • The only time where it’s too early to do promotion is if you don’t have an email list (or some other form of reengagement strategy) ready

We literally haven’t gotten a “no thanks” yet — we’ve gotten a few no replies that we’re still following up with, but literally not a single “you’re not qualified”.

Getting on the phone with Kai after purchasing the book was really, really helpful — the book helped make a good general plan and have a good understanding of the landscape, but talking with Kai really reassured me that the path I was taking was the right one.

Sometimes you don’t know what you don’t know, and talking to an expert like Kai provided me with the confidence to execute quickly and decisively.

I wouldn’t have been able to put together a solid plan of action for Kai to approve without the book in the first place; it really helped me understand the way that podcasting and podcast guesting works.

While a large portion of the time speaking with Kai was confirming that we were on the right path, Kai also provided some strategic tweaks (largely around which podcasts to target) that saved many hours of trial and error.

In the same call, Kai was able to sneak in a 15 minute “positioning masterclass” about the difference between “vitamin” products and “painkiller” products that would have made the whole thing worth it by itself!

I strong recommend Podcast Outreach! Purchasing the book and talking with Kai saved me many hours of research, trial and error, self-doubt, and heartache, and would have been a bargain at twice the price!

— Kennedy Collins, Founder, Ohmcoach

“I have a few questions…”

Great! I have a few answers for you. And if you have a question that I didn’t answer, just send me an email and I’ll get you an answer in the next day or two.

“What makes this different?”

What I’m sharing with you in Podcast Outreach is based on over five years of consulting work I’ve done to help my clients do one thing: Get On Podcasts.

In this book, you’re learning the exact same strategies I’ve used to get guests booked on podcasts like Mixergy, coordinate outreach campaigns in support of book launches, and get guests completely booked in their niche within 6-months.

I’m sure that, like you, these people had their doubts about how this system could help them increase their traffic. But in our work together, they discovered how this framework could help them generate more traffic.

After I sent my first email I was booked to record on a large podcast with over 100 episodes that reached an audience of my dream buyers!

— Mojca Marš, Consultant, Super Spicy Media

With Podcast Outreach, you’re investing in learning a repeatable, step-by-step system that you can implement today to reach your dream buyers.

I’m not asking you to “believe” me. Just try it. If I’m wrong, all you’ll have lost is a couple of minutes of your time (you’re protected by a 100% money back guarantee).

But what if I’m right?

What if the lessons you learn in the book help you get on podcasts that reach your dream buyers?

Kai — while we were on a call today two podcasts that I pitched using your Podcast Outreach Template responded back that they’d love to have me on as a guest!

— Josh Doody, Author, Fearless Salary Negotiation

“Who Is “Podcast Outreach” For?”

This system works great for:

  • Freelancers, who want to start building awareness
  • Consultants, who want to grow their awareness
  • Software Founders, who want to raise awareness of their product

That said, Podcast Outreach is an industry agnostic guide (which means it’ll work for you, no matter what industry you’re in). Podcast Outreach teaches you how you can reach your best buyers by appearing on the podcasts they listen to — and then the steps to take to convert listeners into visitors and then visitors into subscribers.

“I’m just starting out. Is this right for me?”

It could be! Podcast Outreach is excellent at helping you reach your dream buyers. And it will work best for you if you have a clearly defined audience. (If you don’t, I recommend investing in The Positioning Manual first).

If you don’t have a product for sale and you’re looking to promote your services or build awareness of your brand online, Podcast Outreach will give you direct instruction on the steps to take to reach your dream buyers and build your audience.

“How long does it take?”

Customers have reported that they’re often able to get on their first podcast within a week of reading the book.

I advise that it takes ~4-weeks to see initial results.

“Is this effective? Does it work 100% of the time?”

The systems that you’ll learn with this book will help you:

  • Connect with Podcast Hosts
  • Identify podcasts that your dream buyers listen to
  • Write persuasive pitches to present your experience as authority
  • Appear as a guest on podcasts
  • Convert podcasts listeners into prospects and customers

Nothing works 100% of the time.

If your target market doesn’t listen to podcasts, Podcast Outreach won’t work for you.

If you aren’t willing to craft and refine pitches for hosts, Podcast Outreach won’t work for you.

If you aren’t willing to write emails, Podcast Outreach won’t work for you.

If you aren’t willing to follow-up, Podcast Outreach won’t work for you.

“What happens after I buy?”

Once you order, you’ll be sent an introductory email from me.

Then, you’ll receive a link to access all of your resources — the complete book, the email templates, the expert interviews — that you ordered.

Order Podcast Outreach Today

You’ll receive:

  • Podcast Outreach, the book that shows you the complete, step-by-step process to get on podcasts as a guest
  • 12 Expert Interviews, teaching you how to get on podcasts as a guest
  • Email Template Library, 32-email templates that you can copy, customize, and send as part of your Podcast Outreach campaign

Order Podcast Outreach for $99

Kai — while we were on a call today two podcasts that I pitched using your Podcast Outreach Template responded back that they’d love to have me on as a guest!

— Josh Doody, Author, Fearless Salary Negotiation

My “Smile On Your Face” Refund Guarantee

I want you to have a smile on your face.

If you are less than 100% satisfied with your purchase, just email me and say so.

Once I hear from you, I will immediately click “Refund” and return 100% of your money to you, no questions asked.

Kai Davis

Have a burning question? Looking for some advice? Think of something that you’d love to see included with this product?

Email me directly at kai@kaidavis.com.




— Kai Davis

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