Consultants: Get More Clients

You want to get more clients for your business. I can help. I help freelancers and consultants uncover hidden profits in their business and get more clients without spending more on marketing.

"How can you help me?"

Here are a few things that I can offer you:



The Outreach Blueprint ($49 - 399)

Email anyone and get a response. In The Outreach Blueprint, you'll learn how to craft your outreach messages, find anyone's email address, and persistently (and politely) follow up until you get the outcome you're after.

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Independent Consulting Manual

The Independent Consulting Manual ($49 - 399)

An actionable guide to building a successful independent consulting business. Co-written with 13 authors, the Independent Consulting Manual gives you all you need to know about building a successful high-profit consulting practice that fits the life you want.

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Podcast Outreach ($49 - 399)

Want to get on podcasts as a guest expert or an authority? In Podcast Outreach, you'll learn how to get onto podcasts that your target market listens to.

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The Collected Works ($500)

Want to pick up the collected works of Kai Davis — all books and training programs? They can be yours, in this exclusive bundle including books, videos, presentations, and audio recordings.

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Training Programs

Get More Clients: Referral Systems ($77+)

Want to learn how to implement referral systems for your business?

Imagine if you had 3, 5, or even 10+ strategic partners who were referring work to you: your ideal, dream clients. What would an additional 2 or 3 clients mean for your business over the next year?

The "Get More Clients: Referral Systems" training program shows you how to set up and maximize Referral Systems for your business.

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Get More Clients: Client Applications ($49+)

Want to have an application system for your business that all prospects and leads go through?

With a Client Application, you'd be able to qualify (or disqualify) leads without spending time on the phone with them.

The Get More Clients: Client Applications training program show you how to set up and optimize your own application system.

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1-on-1 Coaching

1-on-1 Video Strategy Call ($200)

Have a question you'd like to discuss about your freelancing or consulting business? Want to or discuss your marketing or business strategy? Looking for insight on the specific problem that you're facing or idea that you're exploring?

Once you pay for the call, you'll be able to pick the time on my calendar that works best for you.

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1-on-1 Monthly Coaching for Freelancers and Consultants (Starting at $899/month)

Not sure how to get more clients? Unsure which direction to take your business in? Feeling stuck on how to implement changes to your business?

Imagine having someone who has been in your shoes that can give you actionable advice.

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Group Coaching

Freelancer Marketing Office Hours ($100/month)

If you'd like help making the HUNDREDS of decisions required to get more clients and run an effective and efficient freelancing business you might be interested in "Freelancer Marketing Office Hours"

With a community, every-other-week group video office hours, and email Q&A, Office Hours are a wonderful way to get actionable advice and answers to your questions.

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Freelancer Marketing Accelerator Program ($650/month)

Learn how to market your freelancing business so well you'll be turning leads away!

With this group program, learn how to build repeatable, scalable client attraction systems to bring high-quality, qualified leads to you. Build a solid client pipeline for your business.

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Consulting Services

Website Teardowns ($200)

If you think your website is important to your business success and want a live workshop showing you how to improve it, then purchase your Website Teardown today. You'll learn how to make your website your business's most effective salesperson.

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Marketing Growth Plan ($750)

Curious what steps you should (or could) take to promote your business and get more clients?With a Marketing Growth Plan, you'll receive actionable marketing advice, customized to your business and situation for you to follow to grow.

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Digital Outreach Plan ($1,000)

With a Digital Outreach Plan, you'll receive a marketing roadmap to follow for your outreach campaign: your overall strategy, customized email templates, direction on your 'pitches' and a list of qualified sites and influencers for you to contact.

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