Preparing For Our Podcast Conversation

Getting Started

  • First, add me on Skype (kaisdavis). We’ll be using Skype for our interview.
  • Then, read the ‘Interview Format and Topics‘ section below, so you understand the form and flow of the show

After that, we’re all set! I’m looking forward to talking with you!

Interview Format and Topics

We’ll start off with an introduction and your bio and then move into the meat of the interview.

The meat of the show will take ~40 minutes to record.

We’ll record three separate 10-minute segments, focusing in on actionable marketing advice for freelancers and consultants.

In order to respect your time and stay on schedule, we’re focused on keeping to that time limit. Each episode, after editing, will be approximately 15-minutes long and our conversation will turn into ~3 episodes.

If you’re recording an ‘After Dark’ in addition to a normal interview, we’ll record for an additional ~30-60 minutes, and the extra material will be released as a bonus episode.

Pre-Interview Prep and Instructions

How to Prepare for Your Skype Interview


  • Reboot your computer.
  • To save memory, consider disabling programs that automatically load at startup.
  • Minimize open programs and browser tabs to as few as necessary.
  • Connect to the Internet via a hardwire instead of wifi if possible. It’s faster, sounds better, and is safe from occasional wifi dropouts. To verify you are actually using the wire once you’re connected it, turn off your wireless connection just to make sure your connection still works.


  • Best value headset/mic combo is the Logitech ClearChat Comfort USB Headset H390
  • You MUST use earphones or earbuds, so that the sound from Kai’s audio doesn’t bleed into your mic, creating an annoying echo. There is no way around this so please don’t try to do the interview without them. You might not hear it, but it will ruin your recording.
  • Please record your audio in case something happens. We recommend Call Recorder for Skype or Audacity (here is one overview of how to use Audacity to record a Skype call)


  • Turn off all notifications inside of Skype.
    • From Skype, select Preferences | Notifications | Overview and then turn all notifications OFF (uncheck them).
  • Adjust the volume on your computer.
    • From Skype go into Preferences | Notifications | Audio/Video and then make sure that Automatically adjust microphone settings is checked.
    • Now test the microphone. Your voice should be consistently registering in the upper third of the meter. If it doesn’t, you may need to play with the volume slider.
    • Make a test call in Skype before our appointment time. Click here for instructions.


  • Close your door and tell anyone in the area not to disturb you because you are doing a recorded interview.
  • Turn off your cell phone. The signal can interfere with your recording, so please actually turn your cell phone completely off and don’t just mute it.
  • Turn off or unplug any land line phones as well so they don’t ring during the interview.
  • Have any reference material readily available that you might need such as notes, web pages, etc.
  • No shuffling papers or banging things, even if you think you are being quiet, because it can still be picked up and recorded.


  • RELAX!
  • Be warm and friendly. Feel free to laugh or show your emotion. This can communicate more powerfully than mere words.
  • Speak in sound bites.
  • The interview should feel like a conversation with give and take. Don’t “do a deep dive without coming up for air.”

NEED HELP? Email: [email protected]

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