“Get More Clients” Podcast Onboarding


Thanks so much for agreeing to come onto the "Get More Clients" Podcast. I’m excited to have you on as a guest.

This podcast is dedicated to helping teach our audience actionable marketing advice for their freelancing business.

Each episode, we dive into topics ranging from getting your first few clients to scaling your agency. Our focus is on helping our audience of freelancers get better clients through actionable marketing.

When we record together, we'll record a twenty- to thirty-minute conversation tackling actionable marketing advice that has helped you get clients and answer questions about your area of expertise as a consultant.

Getting Started

To start things off, could you please fill out this questionnaire? This will help us confirm the topics that we'll want to talk about and help me know a little more about you.

    In an 'After Dark,' we record an additional 30-minute free-form conversation about business, life, freelancing, or consulting. This is much more casual than a standard episode. After Darks are released as bonus episodes, and can go in any direction we want: talking shop, talking about life, talking about travel, etc.
  • Enter as much or as little as you'd like. If you have a project, a product, or an upcoming product that you'd like to promote, mention it here as well.
  • Accepted file types: jpg, jpeg, png.
    JPG or PNG only. Sorry, no GIFs.
  • We'll be recording the interview on Skype.
  • In case I don't already have it, if I need to email you.
  • These can be freelancers, consultants, experts, authors, authorities, podcasters, producers, service providers, authorities on a specific topic, people you hear interviewed on other podcasts, or just people you'd like to suggest. (If you have their email address, please include it).