Podcast Tours For Freelancers: The One Thing To Focus On

Nathan L. wrote in with a question about doing a podcast tour as a freelancer:

Hey Kai, is a podcast tour something a generalist dev freelancer can do, or do you need some sort of specialization or be known for something before you can get booked? If so, what should someone focus on, so they can do a tour in the future?

Excellent question, Nathan! Thanks for writing in!

If you’re considering a podcast tour as a freelancer, there are a few things you should absolutely focus on (covered in my book on Podcast Tours, Podcast Outreach: http://podcastoutreach.com).

Let’s tackle Nathan’s question, piece by piece:

Do you need to be specialized?

Specialization will make it dramatically easier for you in your Podcast Outreach and Podcast Tour.

If you have niche specialization or narrow positioning (ref. PositioningCrashCourse.com and ThePositioningManual.com), you will benefit in two ways:

  • First, you’ll stand out from a sea of generalists. If you’re able to say “I help TARGET MARKET solve EXPENSIVE PROBLEM — would your audience of TARGET MARKET listeners enjoy learning about the why, what, and how of solving EXPENSIVE PROBLEM?” you’ll be much more interesting to podcast hosts
  • Second, you’ll create referrable moments (kaidavis.com/referrable-moments). When a listener hears you say ”I help TARGET MARKET solve EXPENSIVE PROBLEM”, they’ll be able to either easily identify with that statement (“I’m in that target market!”) or they’ll know who to refer you to (“Oh, Jackson is in that industry and mentioned that problem to me — I need to tell him to listen to this episode”).

Specialization is very important and valuable. It will help you stand out.

If you have not yet thought about your specialization, positioning, or niche, what should you do? Sign up for PositioningCrashCourse.com.

Do you need to be known for something?

Being known for something — a methodology, a case study, an article, a book, etc. — helps but is by no means necessary.

Being known for something helps you get in the door on larger, more established podcasts (say, 5,000+ listeners/episode) but you do not need it to tackle newer or less established podcasts.

What should you do? Have three strong opinions about things in your industry. This is the framework I recommend you follow to develop your pitches and present yourself as known for something:

  • A ‘Controversial Opinion’ that you have about your industry. This should be something that goes against the grain for your industry. Where they say “A” you say “ABSOLUTELY NOT A!”
  • A ‘Solution to a Common Problem’ in their industry. This should address a common problem that your market experiences and walk them through what the problem is, why they’re experiencing the problem, and how to solve the problem.
  • An Overview of your ‘Area of Expertise’. This should walk the listener through what exactly it is you do: the problems you solve, the target market you work with, the outcomes you help people achieve, and what makes your method unique.

These don’t have be to be long pitches:

Topic #1 — Short description of the topic and the outcome for the audience

Pick topics that align with the audience you’re pitching to. Then, when you reach out to podcasts, use these pitches to offer starting places for why they should have you on and what you’ll be teaching their audience.

What should someone focus on, so they can do a tour in the future?

The most important thing to focus on is to simply send an email and let a podcast host know that you’re available to teach their audience something new.

95% of people will talk themselves out of sending an email to a podcast host.

Don’t be one of those people.

Send an email.

Just one.

It doesn’t have to be long.

Simply emailing podcast hosts for podcasts that reach your target market (aim for smaller, newer, less established shows to start) and saying:

Hello! Are you currently booking guests for your podcast?

I am a developer who helps TARGET MARKET solve EXPENSIVE PROBLEM. I’m reaching out to podcasts that reach TARGET MARKET to see if teaching your audience about how to solve EXPENSIVE PROBLEM would be something they would enjoy.

If you are currently booking guests, I’ve included three potential topics that we could discuss on the episode.

Just hit reply and let me know if you’re currently booking guests and if one of these topics would be a good fit.

Can get you on podcasts as a guest.

Want to learn even more about how to get on a podcast as a guest?

Then you should invest in a copy of Podcast Outreach (http://podcastoureach.com).

Based on three years of booking guests on podcasts, Podcast Outreach is the definitive book to teach you how to get on podcasts that your dream buyers in your target market listen to.

If you want to use a podcast tour to generate clients, develop your authority, become known in your industry, or build relationships, Podcast Outreach (http://podcastoutreach.com) is the #1 resource I recommend to you, my dear friend.

Order your copy today: http://podcastoutreach.com.

What questions do you have about doing a podcast tour as a freelancer? Reply and let me know.



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