Plus, Eight Magical Treasures

“Give a person an email template, help them for a day. Teach a person how to do email outreach, help them for their entire life.” — Kaifucious

My favorite part about Raise Clients From The Dead ( is how laser-focused and effective it is. Customers report that the email templates help them restart conversations with past clients and bring those client relationships back to life.

But, an email template alone can only do so much. Raise Clients From The Dead alone won’t teach you the strategy and tactics behind email outreach, how to follow-up effectively, or how to use email outreach to get more leads or referrals.

Bundled in with the book of eldritch magic that is Raise Clients From The Dead, you’ll receive eight magic bonuses, including:

  • Steli Efti on Effective Follow-Up (60-minute video interview). Steli (sales expert and founder of and I sat down to talk through the elements of effective follow-up.
  • A Freelancer’s Guide to Outreach (90-minute webinar) Recorded with Bryce Bladon of Clients From Hell, we discussed the topic of using Outreach to help freelancers fill their pipeline.
  • Pipedrive Sales CRM 45-Day Gold Trial. If you need a Sales CRM, I strongly recommend Pipedrive. You’ll get a 45-day trial for their Gold plan ($30+ value).
  • How to Generate More Referral Business Through Outreach. Enjoy this recording where I was interviewed on how to generate more referrals from your existing clients.

Check the complete list of the eight bonuses included with Raise Clients From The Dead right here:

With this book of necromancy, you’ll gain the power to bring your old client relationships back from the dead. You’ll love the four email template library with the exact words to use to bring new life to old conversations with past clients — with instructions on how to copy, customize, and use the email templates.

If your investment today helps you land one additional $500 project, that would be a 10x return on investment for you.

Think about the potential return on investment you’ll see with the average value of a project in your business (e.g., $5,000 would mean a 100x return on investment. $50,000 would mean a 1,000x return on investment).

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