"I've got this nagging feeling I should be doing more to manage my pipeline, but I don't know what..."

Who is Pipeline Essentials for?

Pipeline Essentials is perfect for for independent businesses, like freelancers or consultants. The material is also entirely applicable for other independent businesses, like an independent software companies implementing a sales process. 

The material is from the perspective of the company owner or sales manager handling sales. The videos translate well to a senior or junior sales role implementing PipeDrive and Activity-Based Selling. 

Pipeline Essentials is not for companies with large, more-than-five-person sales teams that already use a Sales CRM. (If you're a sales team and you aren't using a Sales CRM, Pipedrive Essentials will help you get started and a 1-on-1 call will help customize your workflow to your process). 

Pipeline Essentials is a ~90-minute, 10+ lesson video course showing you how to:

  • Set up and manage a pipeline
  • Use "Activity-Based Selling" to set your sales targets
  • Set up PipeDrive (my CRM of choice) to manage your sales pipeline

Pipeline Essentials is available today! You can order Pipeline Essentials for the launch price of $69 (Once the launch ends, the price will raise to $99).

What do customers have to say about Pipeline Essentials? 

Here are kind words from actual customers based on their experience with Pipeline Essentials. 

“As a software developer running an agency, Sales is so important but the process of selling is intimidating. The insights and methodology you provide around activity based selling have helped me get over the what-if-they-say-no anxiety.”

— Evan DeLaney, Founder, Fishhook.com

Order 'Pipeline Essentials' Now For $69

You'll Receive

  • Pipeline Essentials: The "Quick Start" easy to follow Video Training Program (plus Free Updates For Life!)
    An easy to follow, 'over the shoulder,' step-by-step 10+ part video training program, coming in at under 90-minutes, teaching you how to set up a pipeline for your business and get started with 'Activity-Based Selling' with PipeDrive
  • Video Transcripts
    You'll have transcripts of every video to read as you watch or review.
  • Bonus #1: PipeDrive Sales CRM Extended 45-day Trial ($45 Value!):
    You'll receive an extended 45-day trial to the sales CRM that I personally use and recommend: PipeDrive. Enjoy 45-days to set up and start managing your pipeline.
  • Bonus #2: Pipeline Q&A Webinar
    For everyone who pre-orders or orders during the launch, you'll get to take part in a Pipeline Q&A webinar about managing your pipeline.
  • Bonus #3: Prospect Pre-Qualification (Exercise)
    An exercise that guides you on building your qualification criteria to use as you’re prospecting. With this, it’s easier to identify the high-quality prospects for your business.
  • Bonus #4: Video Presentation: “Building Better Outreach Lists”
    Covering prospecting and outreach list building, this presentation and Q&A session will give you actionable information on building your prospect list.
  • Bonus #5: Video Presentation: “A Freelancer's Guide to Outreach"
    Covering how freelancers and consultants can use outreach best practices to start and manage their relationships with clients.
  • Bonus #6: Expert Interview: “Steli Efti Expert Interview on ‘The Importance of Follow Up”
    In this 30-minute video interview, Steli Efti (founder of Close.io) and I discuss effective follow up systems and strategies and how to persistently, politely follow up with a prospect.
  • Bonus #7: Freelance Camp (1-Year Membership. $100 value)
    You'll get a year of access to Freelance Camp, a private community for freelancers and consultants.

What will I learn in Pipline Essentials?

  • Pipeline Essentials Outcomes
    • What "Activity-Based Selling" is and how you can use it to know exactly what to do to reach your sales goals
    • How to manage your sales process and know where every deal is in your pipeline at any time 
    • How to know the potential future revenue for your business
  • Signing up for and configuring Pipedrive
    • How to know exactly who to follow-up with -- and when!
    • How to get rid of that nagging feeling that you 'could be doing more' when it comes to sales
    • How to set up and sign up for a PipeDrive account 
    • How to configure your pipedrive account
  • Setting up your Sales CRM
    • How to set up your personal sales pipeline
    • How to create deals for anything currently in your pipeline
    • Walking through creating a deal
    • Adding a future activity to a deal
  • The anatomy of a deal
    • What a deal looks like: 'pipeline', 'activities', 'details', 'organization', 'person', and 'timeline'
    • What 'Activity-Based Selling' is
  • Processing your PipeDrive inbox from 'emails' into 'deals' and 'activities'
    • How to process your inbox
    • Don't touch it more than once
    • Get in. Get out. Take action: Create a deal, create an activity, reply to the email, archive the email. 
  • How to manage your pipeline
    • Overview of the Sales pipeline
    • When you should move deals forward in the pipeline (and when to move deals backwards)
    • What 'Pipeline Hygiene' is and how to practice it
    • When to declare a deal 'lost'
    • When to declare a deal 'won'
    • Creating and changing pipeline views
  • Acting on Activities
    • How to files for different activities
    • See "What to do today", "What's over due", and "What's coming up in a few days"
    • How to take action on activities: do the thing, delete the thing, reschedule the thing
  • Your next steps
    • Create deals for all your in-progress deals
    • For each deal, set the next activity
    • Schedule time on your calendar each week to process your pipedrive email inbox and pipedrive activities
  • Doing CRM Right
    • How to avoid "Garbage Data" and prevent "Garbage In, Garbage Out"
    • How to make sure that you aren't vulnerable to a 'BUS Attack' on your CRM
    • The essentials of habit change 
    • How to use templates to get the most out of your CRM
    • Advanced Tips and Tricks to maximizing your productivity
  • Teams
    • How to explain the benefits of the CRM to the executives / decision makers
    • The importance of buy-in across the organization and team(s)

Questions, Sometimes Asked

"Pipedrive has 3 service levels (silver, gold, and platinum). Which service level is this course for?" 

The material in this course applies to the Silver, Gold, and Platinum service level;.

I strongly recommend the "Gold" service level due to Pipedrive's excellent email sync feature. If you're on the "Gold" or "Platinum" service level, all of the material in this course will apply to you. If you're on the "Silver" service level, all of the material in this course will apply to you — with the exception of the material on syncing emails. 

Pipeline Essentials is available today! You can order Pipeline Essentials for the launch price of $69 (Once the launch ends, the price will raise to $99).

Order 'Pipeline Essentials' Now For $69