“People don’t care about you, they only care about themselves.”

Today, while cyberflâneuring around the ‘net, I came across this 2014 video from Joanna Wiebe, founder of CopyHackers (https://copyhackers.com) on writing ‘you-focused customer centric copy.’


Clickthrough for a video + transcript of a lesson on you-focused custom-centric messaging from a 2014 bootcamp that Joanna. In the video, she explains the big-picture concept and does a teardown of a software startup’s homepage messaging.

The video and transcript are both great. If you care about your website and messaging, that ~11 minute video is worth your time and attention.

A few potent quotables from the transcript:

You on your website, you care about you. And your momma cares about you, but there’s almost nobody coming to your site that actually cares about your company, that unless you have fan boys. You probably don’t have people who are coming to your site to learn about your company. They are not coming for that.

When they come into your site specially for the first few times before they’ve converted, they don’t care. They only care about themselves. Your message has to get down to what they want, it has to actually has to sound like it’s about them. That’s the goal, that’s the end goal. We’re not selling a product, we’re not selling a service, we’re selling our prospector or a visitor a better version of themselves. A happier version of themselves, a richer version of themselves, either way whatever it is, it’s a better version of themselves.

We just don’t want to lead with talking about ourselves. We want to lead about talking about our prospects. Talking directly to our prospect in the second person using the you-focused messaging. We don’t want to be in the first person, we don’t want to be in the third person, we want it in the second person until we’re ready to tie up.

That is the exercise today. Go in and make those very simple changes to the language you’re already using on your site. Do it today, publish today. The goal again is not to change the message, it’s to change the wording so that were leading with “you”. Down the road if you want to test a different messages, great. I would recommend a better practice to lead with “you” in all the messages that you test. And if you don’t, that will make a very interesting test.

That exercise from the video is A+. I encourage you to take 20 minutes and do it today (or tomorrow) on your homepage:

  • Go into your homepage
  • Make very simple changes to the language you’re already using so that you’re leading with “you”
  • Hit publish

If you take action on this, send me an email and let me know. And include a link to your updated homepage for bonus points.