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Outreach, Advertising, SEO, and Content: Bringing Balance To The Force

I’m wondering about the balance between SEO, ads (fb and Adwords), and outreach? What comes first? Content?

Content, as always, is king. But first, Iโ€™d say, comes two important steps:

1) Positioning: Who is your target market?

2) Research: What content is your target market searching for, consuming, and sharing?

Once you identify the answer to those two questions โ€” who youโ€™re serving, what questions theyโ€™re trying to answer โ€” then youโ€™re able to start with the next steps…

And when it comes to content you want your content โ€” like this article (#meta) โ€” to be answering questions that people in your audience and target market are asking.

So, you pick a target market and do some research โ€” calls with 5-10 people, spend 5-20 hours researching this target market and their pains and questions online โ€” to determine what content to create.

Then, you start creating content. Philip Morgan has a great article on the Minimal Viable Funnel:

  • Have a CTA-able lead magnet (โ€œQuick Start Guide to XXXโ€ or โ€œCheat Sheet for XYZโ€ or โ€œFree Outreach Courseโ€
  • Write 12 200-300 word tips / articles that are valuable to your target market and answer questions they have
  • Start driving traffic to this content


Search Engine Optimization is a tricky one. More and more I see SEO about 1) writing about the content your audience is searching for 2) making sure your content is unique, valuable, and easy to access.

At beginner to intermediate levels, your SEO strategy should be โ€œDo best practices correctly and earn links naturally.โ€ Beyond that, you start getting into advanced tactics, out of the scope of this article.

Your Facebook Ads should drive people to your articles first and then retarget people who clicked and read to your course.

Your outreach should be to promote your most valuable articles and content to people with an already existing audience that matches your target audience.

And, from there, continue forward, creating content and promoting it through outreach and ads.

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