Learn how to email
almost anyone and get a reply

You want to get more clients, but you’re not sure where to start.

You’ve heard of “Email Outreach” before, but you’re not quite sure what it is or if it could work for you.

The Outreach Blueprint covers just the things you need to know to run your own email outreach campaign to stimulate conversations with potential clients, with simple terminology, a concise format, and vital informationn.

How do you get started with email outreach (without angry replies or getting your emails sent to spam)?

You look around and see your friends, colleagues, and competitors having marketing win after win.

Some of them are:

  • Getting referrals
  • Writing guest articles
  • Appearing on podcasts
  • Making connections with new leads

Maybe you’ve been wondering to yourself, “What are they doing that I’m not doing? How are they connecting with people and building these relationships? What are they doing? What are they saying?”

It’s a reasonable question. If you want to get started with email outreach, what should you be doing?

  • What should you say?
  • Who should you email?
  • What do you do if they don’t reply?
  • Heck, what do you do if they do reply?

And, most importantly, how do you even get started?

If you — like many people — decide to get started by buying a list and starting to immediately send emails, you’re going to have a bad time.

Outreach done poorly makes a bad impression on your recipients — and has a terrible reply rate. Done half-cocked, outreach can do you more harm than good.

Imagine being able to follow a blueprint for your email outreach

What if email outreach — getting referrals, building relationships, or stimulating conversations — was as simple as following a system.

Week after week, you’d email relevant, high-quality people in your industry and network and:

  • Stimulate conversations
  • Generate referrals and leads
  • Keep in touch with your extended network
  • Learn about (and pitch) opportunities

By sending a few emails a day, you could bring a stream of qualified, ready-to-buy leads and high-quality marketing opportunities to your inbox.

You see, when you start emailing relevant, high-quality prospects in your niche, industry, or network, great things start to happen:

  • As you educate people about what you do, you start to receive more referrals
  • When you ask to be a guest on a podcasts or present to an audience, you start to receive invitations to speak.
  • When you ask if they’re experiencing a specific problem in their business, you start to have more conversations with leads

None of this is magic or black-hat. It’s all about building stimulating conversations and building relationships over email.


The Outreach Blueprint

When you understand the mental framework and strategy behind successful email outreach campaigns, you’ll see that it’s very easy for you(or a trusted team member) to manage your outreach process for your business and regularly:

  • Seek out and secure media opportunities
  • Find new opportunities to work with new clients
  • Build and maintain your most valuable relationships
  • Stimulate conversations with relevant people in your niche

In The Outreach Blueprint, you’ll learn the framework you can follow for a successful email outreach campaign.

You’ll learn how to craft a message for your outreach that clearly communicates the benefits of your expertise and your product to the markets you’re trying to reach.

Altogether, you’ll receive:

The Outreach Blueprint (The Book)

A dive into how to implement email outreach campaigns for your business.

Build relationships with your ‘dream’ clients and contacts through email outreach.

This book covers everything from identifying who to contact to building lists and writing emails that get responses to what to do when you get a reply. (Available in PDF, ePub, and Mobi format).

48 Email Templates

48 email templates that get replies, based on over 36-months of research and testing. (Includes templates for Sales Outreach, Referral Outreach, Marketing Outreach, Market Research, and Client Follow-Up.)

Outreach Video + Podcast Interview Library

10+ video presentations, video interviews, and podcast interviews covering 6+ hours of content.

These are interviews featuring me as the subject matter expert or with me interviewing a colleague or subject matter expert on one aspect of email outreach. (Includes content on Writing Effective Emails, Follow-Up, a Freelancer’s Guide to Outreach, and Outreach Strategies.)

Outreach Exercise Library

2 exercises to offer guidance on developing your unique story and pre-qualifying prospects.

Build Better Lists: My Video Library on Prospecting & List Building

Ready to turn your prospecting into something magical? You’ll receive my video library on prospecting and list building, plus my five book recommendations on prospecting. Includes these videos:

  • Building Better Outreach Lists (~90 minutes) 
  • LinkedIn Lead Generation (~45 minutes)
  • How To Build Better, More Targeted Prospect Lists (~15 minutes)

Learn how to email almost anyone and get a reply!

In The Outreach Blueprint, you’ll learn the framework to follow for a successful email outreach campaign.

Plus, you’ll get:

  • My 48 best-practice outreach campaign email templates that I’ve tested and refined over the years.
  • Outreach Video Library with 6+ hours of content over 10+ years, interviews, and presentations.
  • The Complete Outreach Blueprint (the book). Get ‘Do this, not that’ advice on how to run your outreach campaign.


One-time payment

If your investment today helps you land one additional $500 project this year, that’s $500 of income you wouldn’t have had otherwise.

Now imagine if over the next 3-5 years you close one additional $2,000 project each year using the templates and techniques included with this product. That’s an additional ~$10,000 of income you wouldn’t have had otherwise from clients you already know that you like working with. That’s a pretty good return on a $50 investment.

"What templates are included?"

Altogether, you get 48 outreach templates.

My fifteen best practice outreach templates:

  • My six-email ‘best practice outreach sequence,’ including my email opener which gets a 20-30% reply rate, four follow-up emails (including my breakup email), and a ‘positive response’ email template for when they enthusiastically reply.
  • Two emails for influencers: a ‘break the ice’ email and a follow-up email
  • An outreach email to promote a resource on your site
  • An email to send when you link to someone
  • An outreach email to reach journalists who published a relevant article
  • A follow-up email to send to a lead that has gone cold
  • A three-email sequence to ask a blogger to try, review, and promote your product/service

Five referral email templates:

  • Four referral outreach + follow-up emails
  • A ‘positive introduction email’ to share your information with their person

Eight marketing outreach email templates:

  • A two-email sequence to pitch a guest post
  • A two-email sequence to pitch yourself as a podcast guest
  • A two-email outreach sequence to stimulate a conversation
  • A two-email sequence to ask for a product review on a blog or website.

Eight market research outreach email templates:

  • A five-email outreach sequence to stimulate a market research conversation with someone in your target market.
  • An appointment setting email for when they reply ‘yes!’
  • And an email that’s a polite response to a rejection if they say ‘no.’

My four-email past client follow-up email sequence:

  • This sequence is focused on stimulating a conversation with a past client about a future project and politely and persistently follows up over four emails.

My eight-email sales outreach sequence:

  • It opens with an ask if they have a problem
  • Follow-ups up with agitation about the problem
  • Shares information about the problem
  • And follows-up four additional times. (There’s always money in the follow-up!)

What do your customers say?

Kai is the man when it comes to outreach. You should totally get his book if you haven’t yet.

— Jane Portman (@uibreakfast)

“I’ve pitched 7 sites and had a 100% response rate with a 57% placement rate. On top of that, I’m being paid to write for large sites that reach my dream buyers.

Back again. One of the sites that responded to your outreach templates that I sent offered me a paid column. Outreach made me $2,000 in 2016!"

Eric Davis, Founder, Little Stream Software

"Whenever I find a good resource on email outreach or cold email I buy it because at most price points, even one good tip will make the course more than pay for itself.

The Outreach Blueprint gave me a lot more confidence going forward that I could make email outreach work for my business.

While the guide was great, I already understand the theory behind effective outreach, so I was most interested in the email templates to help give me some ideas about different approaches I could use in my own outreach emails.

The Outreach Blueprint gave me concise, actionable advice; a clear plan to execute on; and helpful processes to follow.

At this price I would recommend the Outreach Blueprint for anybody interested in improving their cold email strategy. If any of the templates are able to get you a few more replies, it will more than pay for itself.

Andy Baldacci, CEO, Sabersim

"I bought your Outreach Blueprint, read the advice on the value of follow-up, and added two emails to my cold email sequence. So far I’ve gotten three meetings out of people who ignored the first email but responded to the follow-up! Woot!"

— Julia K, Co-Founder, Rigits Bookkeeping

I always advocate The Outreach Blueprint as a step-by-step process to getting replies to your emails. 🙂

— Franz Sauerstein, WooCommerce Consultant

Questions, Frequently Asked

“What makes you qualified to tell me about my business?”

I’ve worked as an outreach consultant since 2012. All of the lessons in this book come from my first-hand, real-world experience running ‘at-scale’ and personalized (1-on-1) outreach campaigns for myself and my clients.

“Who is this not right for?”

This is not right for you if:

  • You’re looking for a ‘done for you’ option
  • You’ve never sold your services before as a freelancer
  • The very idea of sending an email to a stranger makes you shake in your boots
  • You aren’t willing to put the time, effort, attention, and energy into doing this well yourself


“Can you share the Table of Contents?”

Chapter 1: How Do You Get People To Pay Attention To Your Emails? (Page 1)

  • How can you start to fix bad outreach? (Page 3)
  • What if people aren’t replying to your emails? (Page 4)

Chapter 2: Writing ‘You’ focused emails (Page 8)

  • The “I” Focused Email (Page 8)

Chapter 3: Outreach Strategy Overview (Page 14)

  • Defining Whom You Want To Reach (Page 15)
  • Outreach Goal (Page 20)
  • Outreach Tactics (Page 21)
  • Understanding Your Unique Story (Page 24)
  • Communication Tips (Page 27)
  • Value-Added Follow-Up: Building Value Over Time (Page 29)
  • Complete The Exercise “Your Unique Story” (Page 30)

Chapter 4: Your Outreach System (Page 31)

  • Multi-Week Outreach (Page 31)
  • How to Use This Outreach System (Page 33)
  • An Example Outreach Campaign (Page 36)
  • The Habit Behind This System (Page 37)

Chapter 5: Optimizing Your Emails (Page 40)

  • The Worst Email Ever (Page 40)
  • Writing Great Emails (Page 48)
  • What Should I Say In My Emails (Page 49)

Chapter 6: The Skill, Craft, and Habit of Outreach (Page 53)

  • How To Get Started (Page 54)
  • Who Are You Trying To Reaching (Page 56)

Chapter 7: How to Find Anyone’s Email Address (Page 59)

  • Search Their Website (Page 60)
  • Sign Up For Their Newsletter (Page 61)
  • “The Magic Email Search” (Page 61)
  • The Magic Twitter Search for Email Addresses (Page 63)
  • Hunter: Find Anyone’s Email Address (Page 63)
  • Asking For A Referral (Page 64)

Chapter 8: How Do You Qualify Your Prospects? (Page 66)

  • For “Marketing” Related Outreach (Page 66)
  • For “Sales” Related Outreach (Page 67)
  • How Do You Connect With Prospects? (Page 67)

Chapter 9: Building Better Prospect Lists (Page 68)

  • Shared Definitions (Page 68)
  • Different Strategies For Building Your List (Page 69)
  • Several Approaches To Finding Critical Information (Page 72)
  • How To Qualify/Clean Your List For Maximum Replies (Page 73)
  • LinkedIn Outreach(Page 74)
  • Outreach Done Right (Page 76)

Chapter 10: Get More Clients With These 3 Outreach Systems (Page 76)

  • Get More Clients With Referrals (Page 76)
  • Get More Clients With Relationships (Page 83)
  • Get More Clients With Repeat Projects (Page 86)
  • Fill Your Pipeline With Warm Leads Every Month Using Outreach (Page 90)

Chapter 11: Closing Thoughts on Outreach (Page 96)

Learn how to email almost anyone and get a reply!

In The Outreach Blueprint, you’ll learn the framework to follow for a successful email outreach campaign.

Plus, you’ll get:

  • My 48 best-practice outreach campaign email templates that I’ve tested and refined over the years.
  • Outreach Video Library with 6+ hours of content over 10+ years, interviews, and presentations.
  • The Complete Outreach Blueprint (the book). Get ‘Do this, not that’ advice on how to run your outreach campaign.


One-time payment

You’re protected by my
‘smile on your face’ guarantee 😺

When you order, your purchase is protected. Above everything else, I want you to be happy and smiling. If you’re dissatisfied for any reason or if there’s anything I can do to improve your experience, you can always email me at kai@kaidavis.com.

If you run into a challenge with the material, have a question, can’t find something, or need a better explanation, just email me. I’ll do whatever I can to make sure you’re happy.

However, since The Outreach Blueprint is a digital product with templates, resources, and downloadables that you receive instant access to, purchases are non-refundable.