One small trick to get more referrals

Sometimes referrals show up, and they’re great! But other times, referrals show up that are far from great. (They 💩.)

What gives? What makes some referrals shine and some referrals stink?

And, where’s the button to get more or higher quality referrals? You should be able to turn the dial up a few quality spots, right? (e.g., from a 3/10 referral quality to a 5/10 quality).

Reader, it’s possible. It’s doable. It just takes a little effort on your part.

See, similar to the takeaway in Monday’s letter (, if you want better referrals, you need to get more specific about who your ideal referrals are.

Put another way, who do you even want to knock on your door? Have you ever sat down and answered this question?

What type of clients do you want to be referred to you? What kind of project do you want to be sent your way?

Beyond that, have you ever taken the time to tell people in your industry who an ideal referral is for you? The types of clients with who you work best? What projects to send your way? How to send a referral to you?

If you’re like 79.9% of indie consultants, experienced freelancers, and service providers, the answer is ‘nope.’

It’s no wonder that people malign referrals as a terrible source of leads. Reader, that’s because most of us approach attracting referrals with the same intention and precision of making a 3 am snack (cheese… done…).

Get more referrals with intentional referrals

The trick to getting more referrals? Get more intentional about who you talk to about sending referrals and what you tell them.

The more specific and intentional you make your system for sharing your marketing message about referrals, the more_referrals you’ll receive, and the better quality_ referrals you’ll receive.

If, for example, you get specific about who you want as a referral and talk to a dozen people, explain who you help and the problems you solve and tell them how they can refer people to you, you’ll get more referrals.

But who are you supposed to talk to? What are you supposed to say? And what resources should you put together to help them have an easy time knowing who to refer to you?

To answer that question (and help you and me both get the most out of our referral marketing), I put together Referral Systems (

With Referral Systems, you’ll learn exactly how to get specific when you ask for referrals, how to put your referral marketing on autopilot, and how to set up your own ‘referral system’ for your business.

_Referral Systems_is an actionable, informational video course designed to help you take action and level up your referral marketing.

What would another 3-6 clients over the next 12 months mean for your business? Heck, what would be the value of those additional clients? For most of us, those other referrals would mean the difference between feast and famine.

Learn how to put your referrals on autopilot with Referral Systems.



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