“What’s a Website X-Ray?”

Your Website X-Ray is a detailed, growth-focused SEO assessment of your website to give your business an actionable path forward for growth.

In specific, your X-Ray will look at, review, and offer direction on the following areas:

  • Technical and Growth SEO. Technical SEO is the process of evaluating your website and ensuring that it meets the technical requirements of search engines and can rank higher and get more traffic. (Think of this like taking your car to a professional, high-end mechanic for a detailed engine inspection.)
  • Your Top ~5-8 SEO Growth Priorities. What should you focus on to grow? In this report, I distill down all the opportunities for your website and business into the top ~5-8 most impactful to focus on.
  • Competitor Analysis. Looking at your competitors is a fantastic way to understand what you can do to reach more people. By looking at what your competitors are doing, we can better understand your opportunities.
  • Keyword Map and Traffic Opportunities. Looking at where you’re currently ranking (or generating Organic traffic) is a great way to identify new opportunities for optimization or content creation moving forward.
  • Thoughts and Suggestions. I’ll share ~1,000 words of advice and perspective on your opportunities for growth.
  • Your ‘Do This, Not That’ SEO Action Plan. Finally, I take everything identified above and build a prioritized action plan for your SEO, giving you a plan to follow for the next ~12 months.

At the end of this project you’ll receive an actionable report for your website, highlighting the most important findings, priorities, and recommendations. After you receive your report, we’ll have a call to discuss my recommendations and answer your questions.

“How long will this take?”

Typically, delivery takes ~3-5 weeks from project kickoff, but that timeline might change depending on the size of your website. On our kickoff call, I’ll confirm give you a clear estimate of when to expect delivery.

“What questions will you ask in our kickoff call?”

I’d like to use our kickoff call as an opportunity to learn more about your business and marketing goals over the coming year. Search Engine Optimization is at its most effective when it’s in alignment with your overall business.

About Your Website

  • What’s the history of your website and business? What’s your experience with Search Engine Optimization?
  • What are your marketing and traffic goals for 2021? How can this Website X-Ray help you and your business the most?
  • How does your website aid your business in generating revenue?
  • How will you be implementing the recommendations that come from this project? (e.g., Do you work with an agency to do this for you? Do you have a web developer or marketer on your team? Do you do this yourself?)

About Your Customers, Competitors, and Content

  • What type of visitors do you want to attract more of?
  • Who are your competitors? Who does your audience visit, read, or buy from instead of you?
  • How do you currently handle website content creation? (e.g., Do you have a team that handles this? Do you outsource this?)
  • Are there any search topics that you’ve thought, “Hey, we should be ranking for that, but we aren’t. What gives?” (Feel free to share any keywords or topics/areas that come to mind.)

Do you have any questions?

If so, I’d love to get you answers. You can always reach out to me (Kai Davis) directly at [email protected].

Talk soon!


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