Now LIVE: Secret Kai Davis Podcast Project #1

Over the past months, a Super Friends-esq team-up of indie consultants/agency owners came together to launch a new podcast. Get your earholes ready, it’s live now!

Welcome To ‘The Business of Freelancing’

You can check out the first 6 episodes here:

What’s the podcast about?

The business of freelancing. Our goal is to help you level up and become a better freelancer, indie consultant, and business owner.

Joe Ciskey, a listener, has this to share about the podcast:

The Business of Freelancing podcast is a solid source for practical advice on running your business as a freelancer. Each episode is packed with good material that will engage your brain and help you fine-tune your business into a well-oiled machine. — Joe Ciskey

Who are the hosts? The guests?

BoF is a panel podcast with six awesome folks (Kai Davis, Reuven Lerner, Erik Dietrich, Marg Reffell, Jeremy Green, and Meg Cumby).

Each episode features a selection of panelists talking on a topic or talking with a guest on a topic.

We regularly invite guests onto the show who can teach or share something new for our listeners.

Here’s us talking with Adam Davidson, co-founder of NPR’s Planet Money and author of The Passion Economy. We talked with Adam about why it’s an opportune time to succeed in business by combining your unique passion and your abilities and about how to do it successfully.

How do I subscribe?

You can find us wherever you find your podcasts, just search for ‘The Business of Freelancing’ or use one of these links:

You can also sign up for our email newsletter:



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