National Hammock Day

Today is a holiday. Roadmaps are excellent, and tomorrow we’ll return to our usually scheduled letters about the benefits of selling strategy — but today?

Today, I want to evangelize to you about something near and dear to my heart.

Hammock Time

Hammock Time has become one of the essential, non-negotiable parts of my life and business.

What I’ve discovered over the years is that many of my most profitable and productive business ideas happen when I’m stretched out in my hammock, watching the clouds, and just enjoying the sun and breeze. The muse rarely shows up when I barricade myself in my office with a persistent thought that, ‘if I just put in a few more hours, I’ll figure it out.’


Humans need to rest.

We are meat-computer-brain thinking machines. And like any high-powered machine, occasionally you need to flip your switch to ‘idle,’ grab a drink, park yourself somewhere lovely with a view in the sun, and just rest.

That’s why I love Hammock Time.

Hammock Time allows me to say, “You know what? There’s a lot going on right now and a bunch I could focus on, but if I don’t take a break and rest, how much good work am I going to be able to do?”

Right now, I have the hammock set up in my backyard. ~2-4+ times a week, I find myself stretched out in the hammock after a call to just idle, rest, think, and contemplate. It’s one of the best parts of my day.

  • Taking a call on my phone? Into the hammock!
  • Need a short nap in the sun? Into the hammock!
  • Need a short lay down after lunch? Into the hammock!
  • Extra time between Zoom meetings? Into the hammock!
  • Need to think about a problem/opportunity and don’t want to be distracted? Into the hammock!

Procuring Your Hammock

I suffered for years as one of the hammock-less masses. And then my buddy Eric Davis (no relation) of Little Stream Software clued me into portable hammocks.

One of the best purchases I ever made (back in 2018, ~10 years ago) was a portable hammock like this one.


If you (like me) have an internet job where your schedule is often a choose your adventure, why not treat yourself to a bit of relaxation along the way?

You could get a hammock and plop it in your yard — or put it indoors/in your office. The location doesn’t matter.

What’s important is that you’ve made space for Hammock Time for when you need it.



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