My favorite business book from 2020

Good morning and welcome to 2021. May the proposals be ever in your favor.

Over the break, I decided to total up the books I read in 2020.

Turns out? I read 53 books this past year _(across Kindle, Audible, and paper books from the library).

The breakdown was:

  • Fiction: 15
  • Business: 12
  • Non-Fiction: 4
  • Mental Health: 9
  • Self-Improvement: 13

Of the books I read last year, there is one I particularly want to call out. It’s one of my favorite business books that I read in 2020:

Fix This Next by Mike Michalowicz

What if you knew exactly what your business needed next?

Fix This Next helps you pinpoint exactly to work on. And then, once you’ve got that thing done, you can use Fix This Next to identify what to work on next.

I liked it because the book is a tool to help you identify the core needs and vital needs you need to focus on (e.g., sales, lifestyle congruence, prospect attraction; profit, debt attraction, margin health).

We read Fix This Next as part of a Freelance Camp book club, and everyone enjoyed the book.

Fix This Next (FTN) is a great read – funny and informative. Here’s a link to pick up a copy on Amazon:

What was your favorite book (business, fiction, or non-fiction) that you read in 2020?

Tap reply and let me know (I’m working on my reading list for 2021).



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