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Monthly Website Commentary Extravaganza

Last week in Freelance Camp (https://freelance.camp) we hosted a brand new event in the community:

Website Commentary!

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It was an hour of straight talk, actionable advice, and helpful commentary for every member that signed up. Weโ€™re already planning the next Website Commentary event for August.

Every week in Freelance Camp we have a different community event, like a Book Club meeting, Lunch and Learn, or a Campfire Call.

If youโ€™re interested in joining a community of freelancers and consultants, applications for Freelance Camp are currently open.

Head on over to https://freelance.camp/ and learn a little more about the community. If it sounds like the type of place youโ€™d enjoy, fill out the application form to reserve your spot.

Youโ€™ll hear back from me shortly.



p.s., the advice that applied to nearly every website we looked at? Add more social proof to your website! Go read these testimonials from Freelance Camp members: https://freelance.camp/#testimonials

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