The Magic Google Search

Where (and how) do you find these blogs and podcasts to guest on?

Stalking Your Colleagues

“Stalking Your Colleagues” is my favorite method to prospect for sites for outreach.

I do it using what I call “The Magic Google Search”

You can use a custom Google Search to hunt down guest posts or podcasts that a colleague or competitor has appeared on.

  1. First, draft up a list of your colleagues in the industry and competitors in the industry (just 3-5 of them to start)
  2. Then, use one of the following Google searches (or modifications thereof) to find potential sites to approach and pitch

Podcast Google Search

“INFLUENCER NAME” (intext:podcast OR intitle:podcast OR inurl:podcast OR inurl:episode)

Guest Post Google Search

“INFLUENCER NAME” (intext:gust OR intitle:guest OR in- text:guest author OR intext:guest post)

Let’s break this down:

  • “INFLUENCER NAME” tells Google who we’re ‘stalking’
  • The part (between parentheses) tells google specific criteria to look for. For the first search we’re saying “Only show results that have the word “Podcast” in the text of the page, in the title of the page, or in the url of the page — oh and also show results that have the word “Episode” in the URL)
  • The part tells Google to ignore the influencers homepage

So, to use either of these searches:

  • Replace INFLUENCER NAME with the name of the person you’re stalking
  • Replace with the URL of their homepage. If they have multiple homepages, include multiple times

Here’s an example using me

Example Magic Google Search

“Kai Davis” (intext:podcast OR intitle:podcast OR inurl:podcast OR inurl:episode)

Searching By Niche

You could also modify either of these by replacing “Influencer Name” with [Niche], so if you want to find podcasts for freelancers, you’d search

Freelance (intext:podcast OR intitle:podcast OR inurl:podcast OR inurl:episode)

Looking for a tool to help with this? You’ll love this: The Magic Google Search for Podcasts.

Questions? Ask me over here!