“I love how the book has one singular goal: Get you on podcasts!”

The other day, a customer who had purchased a copy of Podcast Outreach (http://podcastoutreach.com) emailed me to say that a week after buying the book, he was already booked on two podcasts.

I was typing up a reply when a new message came in from him.

“…3 podcasts.”


So I fire back a quick reply and ask about the process for him, how much time it took, etc.

He told me that after skimming the book “…it only took about 90-minutes of work to get booked on the podcasts. I love how the book has one singular goal: get you on podcasts!

Results like this aren’t out of the ordinary for people who buy Podcast Outreach (http://podcastoutreach.com) and follow the process to get booked on podcasts.

The truth is that for most podcast hosts, finding a consistent stream of high-quality, ready-to-interview guests is the hardest part of their jobs. 

If you prepare yourself for outreach to podcasts hosts and:

  • Know the target market you want to reach
  • Identify podcasts that reach that target market
  • Have 2-3 pre-defined topics for podcast hosts to pick from
  • Have a short follow-up sequence that adds social proof to your outreach

It is easy to get booked on podcasts as a guest.

And the wonderful thing about podcasting? Compared to writing guest articles, the ‘shelf life’ of a podcast is incredibly long.

Last week I received an inbound lead from a podcast I guested on 4-years ago. A True Fan™ of the show was doing an archive binge, heard my episode, and reached out to see if I could help with their project.

That’s the power of podcasting.

In fact, I was invited to speak at MicroConf in 2016 on this exact topic. If you’d like, you can see that full presentation (and my awesome suit) here: https://kaidavis.com/speaking/microconf-talk-2016/

Kai Davis — The Face of MicroConf

After I sent my first email I was booked to record on a large podcast with over 100 episodes that reached an audience of my dream buyers!

— Mojca Marš, Consultant, Super Spicy Media

Kai — while we were on a call today two podcasts that I pitched using your Podcast Outreach Template responded back that they’d love to have me on as a guest!

— Josh Doody, Author, Fearless Salary Negotiation

If you’re interested in guesting on podcasts as an expert and authority, you should consider investing in a copy of Podcast Outreach (http://podcastoutreach.com)