LinkedIn Lead Generation

by Kai Davis | Last Updated: March 23, 2020
LinkedIn Lead Generation

If you’re looking to generate leads and reach your market, it’s to your advantage to go where your market already is:

What about LinkedIn? If you’re following the directive ‘go where your market already is,’ should LinkedIn be in the picture?

LinkedIn can be a great source of leads — if LinkedIn is right for you and your marketing.

How can you know if LinkedIn Lead Generation is a good fit for you and your market? I sat down with Jake Jorgovan (founder/owner of the human-powered LinkedIn Lead Generation company Lead Cookie), and he shared a few ‘ifs’ to consider so you can know if LinkedIn will or won’t be a fit for you:

But if you have a narrow niche or specific type of client you’re looking for, LinkedIn can be a great way to find those clients online and boost your lead generation.

Here’s a great example of the value of niche + value proposition for LinkedIn Lead Generation (this is from Jake’s presentation right here:

And so one of the examples is that we had this generalist design agency in San Francisco. These guys were super reputable. They had a great portfolio and client list.

They’d even been in the industry working for 20 years and all this stuff that they hardly got any engagement just because they were kind of generalists and we were reaching out as a generalist.

Now we were able to actually pivot them and say, “Hey, let’s narrow your LinkedIn down and let’s focus on nonprofits because over 50 percent of their work was nonprofits,” and as soon as we changed the messaging and the targeting to saying “Design agency or focusing on nonprofits” or “We help nonprofits through web and promotional design.” I can’t remember the exact tagline, but as soon as we narrowed down on that nonprofit niche, we immediately start getting results and phone calls and they were actually getting business out of it.

So if you’re a generalist, you’re just going after any business out there, you’re not going to see much results with this, so you’ve got to narrow down and get focused on a specific value proposition.

If you’re looking to learn more about if LinkedIn is a good fit for your lead generation and or want to get a look at the systems and framework that Jake’s company Lead Cookie uses, you should check out the full video and transcript.

Here’s the video link for you:



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