“Get consistent leads without spending hours doing market research or writing highly personalized emails”

Get More Leads

I've been asked by many people on my email list to help teach them what to do to get more leads.

What This Will Be

To help you, dear reader, achieve that goal, I'm working on a new, short, actionable, tactics-focused book that will tell you, specifically, what to do to get more leads.

You'll get instruction on what to do. You get to do the work.

How You Will Benefit

You'll get specific "Do This, Not That" direction on what to do to get more leads for your business.

This won't be advice like "Go to your chamber of commerce" or "Start an email list."

This will be advice like

"Write five 600 word articles on a specific problem that your ideal clients in your industry are facing. Follow this template for your articles, if you want."


"Pick a target market that interests you (or that you don't hate), find five people on LinkedIn that work in that industry near you, and send them this template to invite them for a coffee date. Ask them this list of questions on the coffee date. Send them this follow-up email after the coffee date."

It won't involve anything to do with getting leads through social media, like Twitter or Instagram.

Get More Clients will touch on ways to do market research or reach people using LinkedIn or other platforms for research. (No tips on how to land clients through Pinterest/Instagram).

What To Expect

  • Expect direction on what you need to do
  • Expect to still have to do the work

This will be A Book (~80% book, ~20% video). It'll be around ~15k words.

The book will be broken into actionable and specific lessons, with a majority of lessons including templates or additional resources. Some lessons will include supplemental video, recorded especially for this book.

You'll get 7 specific lessons.

This will release by the end of April 2019.

This will sell for $47 once it releases.

Get More Leads is available for pre-order for $27.

If this description arouses some sort of interest and/or yearning in you, you can reserve your copy for $27. Just click the big green button below and complete checkout on the next page.