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“How did the launch of the Freelancer Marketing Accelerator Program go?”

I had a call with a friend earlier this week and she asked a wonderful question, paraphrased below:

Kai, how did the launch of the Freelancer Marketing Accelerator Program go? Did you end up filling the program? What happened?

And at that moment I realized I had forgotten to close the loop and let you, dear reader, know how the launch of the program went.

The Short Summary โ€” Everything Went Great!

The launch of the Freelancer Marketing Accelerator Program was an outstanding success.ย 100% of the seats were filled. I am incredibly honored to work with the people in the program.

Applications are still available at https://kaidavis.com/coaching/freelancer-marketing-accelerator-program and when you apply you’ll be added to the wait list.

When seats open up in the program, you’ll be the first to know โ€” and priority for registration will be given to people who are on the wait list (currentlyโ€ฆ 3 people).

In the meantime! Are you looking for 1-on-1 coaching to help you grow your freelancing or consulting business? I have one slot available for 1-on-1 sales and marketing coaching for freelancers and consultants: http;//kaidavis.com/coaching/1-on-1.

The Longer, More Detailed Summary

After the final email (“Charge More”), my inbox was floodedย withย excellent applications and, I’m happy to say, every seat in the program ended up filled.

Students in the Accelerator Program are working on filling out their Business Health Analysis (a 40+ point questionnaire about the health of their business) and are moving forward identifying opportunities for improvement in their marketing and implementing changes in their business.

I, frankly, couldn’t be more thrilled. The launch was a success beyond my wildest dreams and I get the pleasure of helping amazing, inspiring freelancers and consultants get more clients and improve their business. Thank you.

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Quick note โ€” love the ICM book! The round table videos are the perfect companion, I just wish there were more. Its like putting a tap to your brains! โ€” Mark Brown

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