What Larry David taught me about the secret of meetings

I want to share a dark secret of meetings.

It goes against everything you’ve heard and with one caveat, every single person I know has confirmed this secret to be 100%, absolutely true.

It’s wonderful — WONDERFUL — if you cancel a meeting.  

Let me make it clear: if we have a meeting scheduled you and you cancel or reschedule it with an hour or two (or more) notice, I am ecstatic.

You can always get back on my schedule. You can always book another time for us to talk. You never need a reason or excuse. 

You just need four words. 

“I need to reschedule.”

Send those four words and I’ll be ecstatic! Never happier!

Maybe it has been a terrible day and I’d have an empty afternoon to rest in — except for one meeting right in the middle of the afternoon. 

Maybe I don’t want to be in the office. Maybe I want to bug out of there and have a drink or see a movie or go on a hike.

Maybe it’s a crazy day and I am searching for an extra thirty minutes to squeeze in something that I have, have, have to get done today, no questions asked. 

If you cancel a meeting with me with a little notice — please do be considerate and professional and give some notice — I will be ecstatic. I will never be offended if you cancel a meeting.

It’s fine. We’ll book another time.