Kai’s Picks Issue #1 – The Ultimate Annual Review Template

I’m trying something new. Every Friday, you’ll get a link to a relevant resource (or two), a short write-up about why the resource is relevant, and a round-up of this week’s letters.

Kai’s Pick: The Ultimate Annual Review Template

For anyone looking for a template for an annual review, this one (https://www.annualreview.life/) by Schlaf is very good.

If you’re still waiting to start your 2022 annual review, this resource might be coming to you at the perfect time.

  • Great questions
  • A solid process/framework to follow
  • Encouragement to complete the review process over a few separate sessions.

Free + you get it in Notion, Google Docs, and (I think) MSWord. It’s a solid template for an annual review with some great guidance. (And the Notion template — my method of choice — is well designed.)

Snag the template here, 100% free: https://www.annualreview.life/. (Once you finish the double opt-in, you’ll be redirected to a Google Drive folder with the Notion, Google Docs, and MSWord versions.)

My articles this week

This week was a holiday (with the New Years’ holiday), and we wrapped up the Product Retirement Sale. My thanks to everyone who came out and picked up a product or two or the retirement bundle in the sale.