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“I’ve gotten more and more leads after reading your latest book on lead gen”

Brad shares the outcomes he’s seeing after reading Get More Leads

I went from zero leads…to a couple leads a week…to averaging a couple leads per day. I need to filter them better just to be able to gracefully handle them all!

It’s crazy. I’ve made over $2000 since reading your book and implementing it. I’ve got two project proposals out right now for another $2k each.

The most surprising outcome has been that with all the leads I can now see a trend and I have developed a productized service roadmapping session based off the inquiries and feedback.

I agonized over what to offer, but without enough leads I didn’t understand what my potential clients valued. Now? It’s easy!

Congratulations, Brad! 🌟

Reader, If you’re looking for more leads, you’ll want to run down to The Kai Davis Store (https://store.kaidavis.com) and grab your copy of Get More Leads: https://store.kaidavis.com/products/get-more-leads



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