It’s never too late to follow-up

I’m a bit of a follow-up fanatic. When you follow-up with past clients, lost leads, contacts, and colleagues, you’ll find that you

  • win more deals
  • fight the resistance
  • build stronger relationships
  • get better at the art and craft of follow-up

You’re playing to win at business – not to avoid losing – so you want to bias yourself towards taking action. Following-up with leads, clients, etc. is a powerful action to take.

Be persistent in your follow-up, especially with a lost lead or a past client. When you follow-up, you’re creating an opportunity for the recipient to renew their interest in working with you.

There is a lot of value in being more assertive with your follow-up.

Your friend Kai encourages you to send more follow-up emails and follow-up more frequently.

More follow-up gives you more chances to catch them at the right time and more opportunities to have a conversation.

However, there is value in being cautious with your follow-up, dear reader.

Your friend Kai doesn’t advocate for you to send a daily follow-up email. That’s too much follow-up.

What if the conversation is… very old?

Be shameless. Send your follow-up email. Don’t apologize. You’re here to do business and resume the conversation.

If you find an email deep in your inbox that you missed replying to, send that reply and follow-up. If it’s too late, the recipient will let you know.

If you talk yourself out of sending that follow-up email, you have let the resistance win.

Want to get better at your follow-up? Check out The Outreach Blueprint ( In The Outreach Blueprint, you’ll learn how to craft your follow-up emails, send polite + proactive follow-up, and use the included templates to accelerate your follow-up.