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Intentional Eventing

Conferences and events suck for the most part.

You’re tired, in a strange spot, meeting new people every day, and the coffee tastes like crap.

It’s easy to move through an event (conference, meet-up, event, intentional gathering of likeminded individuals, whatever) on autopilot.

Here’s what I do to an intentional event experience, instead of a reactive experience.

Before the event, I ask myself these ten questions. I write down my answers — 2-3 sentences for each question.

Going through this process helps me know what actions to take (before, during, or after the event), without needing to figure it out on the fly.

What’s your game plan for the event? (50,000ft view)

What are the two outcomes you’d like to happen from this event?

What are the two questions you’d like to get a lot of perspectives on?

What’s a good conversation starter question you can ask and reuse?

Who are two or three people you’d like to have an intentional conversation with?

Who are two or three people or speakers you’d like to plan on following-up with after the event?

Where is my post-event email template to say: “That was awesome. Let’s keep our conversation about X going, and…”

How are you going to capture notes during the event? iPhone? Notebook? Laptop? Something else? (You’ll want to reference these in your follow-up emails).

What’s an introvert-friendly spot (coffee shop, book store, park) near the event that you can go to for some alone time if you need a break?

Do you have time scheduled after the event to distill actions from the new ideas in your notebook and head?

Next time you’re going to an event, take 10 minutes, and answer these questions for yourself. You’ll find that the path forward is a lot clearer when you pause, survey the scene, and ask yourself a few questions.



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