Infinite Positioning Power; Itty-Bitty MarketSpace

by Kai Davis
Infinite Positioning Power; Itty-Bitty MarketSpace

A friend reached out to me with a question:

I’m trying to find a new positioning for my agency. We are specialized in [redacted] and [redacted], but we’re trying to understand which niche is right for us. Do you have some ideas or resources to recommend?

First off, check out Philip Morgan’s materials.

Philip Morgan specializes in positioning and specialization for Indies and agencies, and his resources are the bee’s knees:,

Second, I’ve started noodling on effective positioning being a riff on this great image from Bud Caddell:

That gets you part of the way. It helps you identify what you want to be known for doing. It’s better to focus on growing your reputation for doing something you enjoy doing than something you hate doing.

Once you have an initial answer, then you want to see if you can make your initial idea for as small and specific a niche as possible.

Part of the power in positioning is helping someone in your niche, say,

“Oh! This is for me.”

To do that, you want to get super specific (and you might feel too itty-bitty). Try aiming for something that’s at the intersection of two (or more) niches.

Whatever approach you take, the more narrow and specific you make your niche, the more memorable your positioning will be, and the easier it will be to reach people in your niche. And if you can reach people, it’ll be much easier to present them with your offer and see if they buy (or don’t buy).



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