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If you don’t ask, you don’t get

A question via Fabian in the Freelance Camp community forum (https://freelance.camp)

What should I be doing to increase my clients? Referrals have been my bread and butter.

If referrals are working for you, see if there are opportunities to double down. You can spend a few hours thinking/reviewing what you’re doing and filling in the holes.

Do you have a Standard Operating Procedure (https://kaidavis.com/standard-operating-procedures/) for asking for a referral? SOPs make referrals (as my Chem teacher used to say) plug and chug.

Are you asking for referrals from your…

  • Leads that don’t convert into clients?
  • Clients at the end of a project?
  • Colleagues and people in your network?

Each of those is a valid lead source.

If you don’t ask, you don’t get.

To get more referrals, ask for more referrals.

Can you get hyper-specific about who an ideal referral is for you?

  • If it’s an agency, what type of agency? What size are they?
  • What kind of client is their most common? What size clients?
  • What solutions or outcomes are they selling to clients? What kinds of projects? Where do they need help?

The more specific you make your ask for a referral, the easier it will be for someone to say, “YES! I know someone who NEEDS your help.”

What would another 3-6 clients this year mean for your business? For many freelancers, that’s the difference between ‘feast’ or ‘famine.’

If you want to get more clients through referrals, then Referral Systems is your guide https://kaidavis.com/referral-systems/



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