How to use testimonials to change your business for the better

One of my favorite books, Inherent Vice, has a line in an early chapter: “Change your hair, change your life.”

While I agree with that sentiment, I’ve also found that updating the social proof and testimonials you use in your marketing often changes your business for the better.

Recently, I updated the Ultimate Testimonial Guide ( It’s still free of charge. Instead of being one long article (😮‍💨), it’s now divided into nine short chapters:

  • Why and how do testimonials help your business?
  • Why should you ask your clients for testimonials?
  • What forms can a testimonial take? (We list at least six!)
  • How to make asking for a testimonial easier by setting expectations
  • What questions should you ask to get a testimonial from a client?
  • What if a client goes non-responsive after agreeing to participate in a testimonial?
  • How can you leverage testimonials in your work?
  • How to put together the best possible (results-focused) testimonial
  • What are your next steps? Here’s an action plan to get great testimonials from your clients.

You can also enter your email address to get a PDF of the guide.

Check it out here:

I think of resources like this one as a digital garden. They’ll evolve and grow over time. Enjoy!