How to plan out your 2021 projects and projections

Use this handy spreadsheet (via Jason Zook of Wandering Aimfully) for planning your projects and projections.

(You can make your copy with this magic link)

I’ve filled this out every year for the last four years. It’s always a valuable exercise.

Whenever I fill it out, I start by:

  • Adding a few client slots (e.g., Client #1)
  • Adding a few service slots (for productized services, like my Website Reviews)

Then I plot out my β€˜known’ income for 2021:

  • Retainers (e.g., client slots)
  • Recurring revenue from products, projects, affiliate, or services
  • Already scheduled 2021 projects

Then I start to think about the future and unknown income:

  • What future projects do I think I’ll build or launch?
  • What revenue do I want new productized services to generate?
  • When am I going to be working on building projects?

And I fill out my copy of the worksheet with my best guess of the future.



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