How to do email outreach (without making all the usual mistakes)

Let’s talk about a topic near and dear to my marketing heart.

Outreach marketing. Specifically, email outreach.

Email outreach is one of the most impactful skills you can learn to grow your business.

By taking a little time, sending a few emails, and working to stimulate conversations, you can connect with people in your niche and unlock new opportunities, like:

  • Collaboration opportunities
  • Market research conversations
  • Interviews that reach your ideal buyers
  • And potentially even sales opportunities with new leads

It’s a powerful marketing channel. And all you need to get started is an email address and an ideal buyer you’re trying to reach.


Lots of people could do email outreach much better. Most people focus on the following in their outreach:

  • Immediate ‘Big Asks,’ like “you should hire us IMMEDIATELY for this project.”
  • A numbers-based (low-reply-rate) approach, where they email 500 or 1,000 people hoping to get back 10 or 15 replies.
  • Talking about themselves (an “I Focus”) instead of talking about/to the person they’re emailing (a “You Focus”).

And so, when we’re on the receiving side of this ‘quality’ email outreach, we’re left with a bad taste in our mouths because, well, most of this outreach is useless junk that clutters up our inboxes.

Outreach doesn’t have to be icky — spammy — to work.

You can get much better results by investing a little time into your outreach.

  • Make lazy choices? You’ll blend in with the mediocre masses.
  • Spend a little more effort to be half-decent with your outreach? You’ll stand out.

Optimizing your email outreach is best with a ‘min effort, max reword’ mindset.

What small, tiny, low-effort changes can you make that will set you apart from the masses?

More on those minimum effort changes to maximize your email outreach in tomorrow’s letter. (That’s part of what I cover in The Outreach Blueprint: