How to Ask Kai (almost) Anything about marketing, growth, and business

Would you like to ask me (Kai Davis) almost anything about marketing and growing your business?

I’ve put together a new page on my site where you can ask me a question and get an answer:

Why do this? Because I like to help people, like you, market and grow their business. One way I can do that is by answering questions and sharing advice. And by doing it this way, we’ll build a shared compendium of information, answers to questions, and resources.

You’ll probably get the best results asking me something about:

  • Entrepreneurship and bringing a new service or product to market
  • Digital marketing, search engine optimization, and email marketing
  • Any of the topics I’ve written about in my articles, daily letters, or products.
  • Indie consulting, advanced and expert freelancing, and the levels of consulting
  • Marketing your products or services, filling your pipeline, and building an audience

Dive in and ask me anything!