How this small resource can get your clients primed for repeat projects

by Kai Davis | Last Updated: July 28, 2020
How this small resource can get your clients primed for repeat projects

What steps can you take to get your client to think, “Ah! I’ve got to get set up with this person’s other services”?

Zooming out for a moment, there are only three ways to grow your business and increase your revenue:

  1. Get more clients (By getting more leads!
  2. Sell higher-priced services to those clients (By charging more!
  3. Do repeat business with those clients

Loyal fans and long-term readers will know that I am a fan of repeat projects with clients ( Why? Because:

For these reasons (and more!), repeat client projects are among my favorite ways to grow a business.

I’ve started to include a small piece of sales collateral with all of my project reports and wrap-ups: a service menu. (It’s like a dessert menu, but for consulting services.)

This short one-pager lists ~2-4 of my additional services that the client has yet to purchase. I include a few sentences of context for each service to highlight the client’s potential benefits (e.g., this one will help you get more traffic, this one will help you build relationships with journalists).

Including this type of collateral makes it easy for your client to decide to work with you again. Instead of your client needing to guess what other services you might offer or how else you can help them, you’re pointing them in the right direction and priming them for that future conversation.

Looking to get more repeat projects? I encourage you to swipe this approach:

For a small upfront and tiny ongoing time investment (~30 minutes upfront to write, ~5 minutes each time to customize), this piece of collateral could result in a few or a dozen repeat projects with clients over the coming year.



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