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“How does a Sales CRM fit in? “

Lead Tracking

Should you use your CRM to track your sales leads? Most likely. That’s what the tool is for.

Should you use it to track non-sales leads? What about past clients? That question leads to some interesting conversation.

Past Client Follow-up

One significant advantage of using a sales CRM (like Pipedrive: https://pipedrive.com, https://kaidavis.com/loves/pipedrive ← affiliate link) is that you can easily follow-up with your past clients.

Ideally, you’ve been using your CRM to track your leads. That makes following-up with past clients super easy:

  • When you close a deal, schedule a follow-up activity (“Send Follow-up Email”) with that contact for 2-4 months down the road.
  • Schedule the activity now, at the moment the deal closes, instead of waiting until you remember to schedule it
  • When that follow-up comes due, take that action. Send your contact a short email to check-in and then immediately capture your next follow-up activity with that contact.

This way? You’re automatically optimizing for more follow-up with past clients.

Pipedrive’s Activity Based Selling approach (https://kaidavis.com/activity-based-selling/) is like a Vitamin B-12 shot for your sales process.

Now, if you have not been using a CRM, you might be thinking to yourself

Kai, this tool sounds great, but I’ve got none of my data in there. How can this work for me?

If you’re just starting to use a Sales CRM, then one of the first steps is to migrate your data in.

Now, your friend Kai is a fan of the slow and cautious approach. When you’re getting started with a CRM, you don’t want to throw all your information into it.


Because dirty data stains any system it touches. And if you throw all your data in, you’ll be throwing trash in.

Instead, the slow and cautious approach:

  1. Make a list of your past clients (spreadsheet, paper, and pencil)
  2. Create those clients in Pipedrive (create a contact, create an organization)
  3. Schedule days to send follow-ups to these clients (schedule a future activity on these contacts or companies)

And… presto. You’ve now imported a select group of your past clients and schedule a follow-up activity for each one.

You’re a follow-up master 🌟

Ready to give your sales process a Vitamin B-12 shot? https://kaidavis.com/pipeline-essentials/



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